Entering a Pacific Northwest Winter

Where in the world is the Peak Moment road trip now? After stops in the Vancouver area, we're on Bowen Island, BC where we're taking a much-needed pause to catch up with ourselves and get rested. And to forge a new production process, starting with—ta-dah! (drum … [Read more...]

Early Autumn Chronicles from the Salish Sea Coast

Harvest time.  Gardens putting out the last of the summer veggies.  Early fall rains, harbingers of winter coming.  We're happy hyper-locavores relishing a zero-mile-diet along both sides of the Salish Sea. Tasting resilient, close-to-the-earth food cultivation … [Read more...]

Farewell Seattle – We Fared Well in Your Fair City

What a rich and full six weeks on the road! My dream of traveling the country visiting friends old and new continues to come true. Subscribe to get an email each time we post a blog. We really want to share our journey illustrated with Janaia's watercolors and Robyn's … [Read more...]

Among Friends in Oregon and Northern California

Back in the late 1970s I dreamed of traveling around the country in my trusty VW camper bus. I imagined parking safely at the home of friends. Or friends of friends. Long before I learned that very few degrees of separation exist between any two people in the world, I … [Read more...]

Peak Moment TV – We’re on the Road!

It's the first week of our 2013 Peak Moment Road Trip. We reached escape velocity following a major marathon at Lone Bobcat Woods. In Chico we videoed a Tiny House with Logan Smith. Near Eugene Oregon we popped in on Suburban Backyard Permaculturist Jan Spencer, and … [Read more...]

Escape Velocity Reached! Peak Moment On the Road 2013

We reached escape velocity Sunday evening July 28th. It was a major marathon wrapping everything up at Lone Bobcat Woods for three tenants on our non-automated homestead, especially with the possibility we may be gone through the winter. While I provisioned our "Little … [Read more...]

Road Trip Planned for Summer 2013

We're embarking on the next Peak Moment tour this summer!  We're heading to the Pacific Northwest. Our return route may be via the Canadian Rockies to Colorado and New Mexico. We'll see. If you can offer a safe place to park not far from the I-5 corridor in Oregon or … [Read more...]

Unveiling our Spiffy New Website

Happy Spring! We're excited to unveil our new website springing forth!  Take a Moment to Peak, er, Peek! Have a look at the widescreen slideshow and up-to-date features like buttons to Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere. See our list of favorite … [Read more...]

Deepening into Winter

December 2012. The winter solstice beckons us towards a season of quieter inward time, which many of us push against in this frenetic culture's dizzying holiday season. We hope you'll find some quiet moments gazing at the starry night sky, or cozied up beside a warm fire. … [Read more...]

The Wood Wenches Celebrate Lighter Bodies

October 2012. An unseasonally-cold winter storm last week brought the first local tornado we're aware of. As it moved east, the storm joined two other fronts to form the historic cyclone Sandy. All are in-our-face manifestations of increasing climate change. Denial should be … [Read more...]