Subscriptions & Bulk DVDs

Along with ordering single DVDs, you can get a discount when ordering ten or more. You can mix and match titles from among the Peak Moment TV episodes as well as other presentations.

A complete set of Peak Moment TV episodes is received by Nevada County head librarian MaryAnn Trygg (2010). A subscription keeps DVDs coming to the library.

Wholesale orders

DVDs retailing for $20: $12 each for 10-25 DVDs, $10 each for 26-50 DVDs.

Contact us for quantity prices on multiple DVD sets, and to arrange consignment orders.

Peak Moment TV Episodes

Bring Peak Moment TV episodes to your library, college, community-access TV station, or organization.

You can purchase past episodes, future episodes, or a combination of both.

Each DVD has four consecutive episodes (1-4, 5-8, etc.). They are packaged either in paper sleeves or in standard DVD cases with an attractive printed cover, suitable for libraries and lending. You can download descriptions of all Peak Moment TV episodes (pdf).

Prices include shipping to the United States but do not include sales tax (CA). For a modest additional fee, we can also create custom DVDs containing four programs of your choice.

1 year (6 DVDs, ~24 programs) : $100 (paper) or $135 (case) (save 10%)
2 years (12 DVDs, ~48 programs): $160 (paper) or $215 (case) (save 20%)
4 years (24 DVDs, ~96 programs): $240 (paper) or $324 (case) (save 40%)
25 or more DVDs:  $7.00 per DVD (paper) or $9.00 per DVD (case)  (save 60%) 

To Order

Contact us with what you want and how you wish to be invoiced (mail or online). We’ll invoice you, with tax and shipping included. Californians ordering wholesale: please provide your resale number if you have one; otherwise we will add sales tax.

Thank you! Your order helps bring Peak Moment TV episodes to your community and many others.