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Meet the Fermentistas – Become a (C)rock Star

Create fermented food not just because it's healthy, but for the rich diversity of flavors? That's what Kirsten and Christopher Shockey encourage. Yesterday we attended their presentation at the … [More]

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Not Food, No Eat

We visited Llyn Peabody and Chris Burns at Monroe Sharing Gardens to see the 130-year-old farmhouse they've transformed into a warm and happy house over the past year. While we chopped fresh … [More]

How Shall I Walk With This Wounded Earth? (275)

Video: How Shall I Walk On This Wounded Earth (275)?  … [More]

How Shall I Walk With This Wounded Earth? (275)

Audio: How Shall I Walk On This Wounded Earth? (275) … [More]


How Shall I Walk With This Wounded Earth? (275)

Pauline Le Bel is bringing a lifetime of performance as a singer-songwriter, poet and actor to the telling of new stories. "The old stories aren't serving us anymore," she says. "They tell us we're … [More]


Fed by Friends

Support for Peak Moment TV takes many forms. Yesterday I shared in a veggie bounty harvested by Patricia Parcells. I walked a few hundred feet down the road to the huge garden she shares with … [More]

Will you write a testimonial for Peak Moment TV?

Dear Friend of Peak Moment TV, We appreciate your support of Peak Moment, which has helped get us where we are — 23,000 subscribers and 4.8 million views on YouTube. We think the program is more … [More]


Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 3 (274)

"In 160 communities in nine states, we've been passing rights-based ordinances that strip corporations of their constitutional so-called rights; that enshrine the right of a local community to govern … [More]