Tool Sharing Library – with French Subtitles

Peak Moment TV in French! Thanks to Sylvie Robert, Portland's Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries has been produced with French subtitles. La bibliothèque d'outils de Portland is on Quebec Transition Network's YouTube channel.  La bibliothèque d'outils de … [Read more...]

Joanna Macy: Active Hope Reconnects Us to Life

Joanna Macy's talk in Grass Valley, California, August 24, 2012 Michael Stone: For young people, the future isn't what it used to be. Joanna has been an activist for five decades. She's an eco-philosopher, and she has touched people all over the world. Joanna is one of … [Read more...]

“Hooked on Growth” documentary from GrowthBusters

"Hooked on Growth" is the quintessential David vs. Goliath story, starring modern-day filmmaker David (yes, his real name!!) Gardner in his autobiographical crusade against industrial civilization's prevailing and largely unquestioned myth that Growth is Good, whether it's … [Read more...]

All of the Above — from the “What a Way To Go” filmmaker

I wondered what sort of novel might arise from the writer/director of the ahead-of-its time documentary "What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire," which portrays so many aspects contributing to the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization. (See "What a Way to Go: Meet … [Read more...]

Graphical Novel with a Teen Eco-Heroine: Luz Sees the Light

Reading Nancy Drew books fed my young imagination with a much-needed female character who's intelligent, gutsy, clever, and resourceful while she solved mysteries, fighting the "bad guys" and helping the oppressed. A real heroine. Luz is a similar role model for modern … [Read more...]

Local Soup for a Snowy Day – Living Wild

 I put together a quick egg and lemon soup while Robyn photographed snow falling, dusting the evergreen branches. I thought about how local the ingredients were: Local: eggs, lemon and cilantro, goat meat (Grass Valley and Oroville).Not local: coconut oil, salt and … [Read more...]

Dreams by Derrick Jensen

Dear Derrick, Over the past several months, I've read your book Dreams not just once, but twice. It has been more than an intellectual foray. It has been an experiencing, a journeying, a nightly rendezvous for communications from "other sides." I didn't want … [Read more...]

“Your Environmental Road Trip” – a film festival in one movie

"YERT - Your Environmental Road Trip" is an entire environmental film festival wrapped up in an absorbing and entertaining, fast-paced two-hour documentary that's both personal and planetary. Friends Mark, Julie and Ben pack themselves into a Prius to tour all 50 states in … [Read more...]

Notes from Derrick Jensen’s Earth at Risk 2011 Conference

We traveled to Berkeley on November 13, 2011 for Earth at Risk: Building a Resistance Movement to Save the Planet in which author Derrick Jensen interviews his invited guests. Below are some quotes and notes from the day. Derrick opened with: "The only miracle we're going to … [Read more...]

From E! Entertainment: “Green Machines: “Climaxing on Peak Moment”

Well, somebody had to do it. A name like "Peak Moment" can be a spammer's paradise. E! Entertainment TV took the bait with their online post titled Green Machines: Climaxing on Peak Moment. The sexual innuendo seems more fitting for their audience than ours: my approach … [Read more...]