Emergency! This Family is Prepared, part 2 (280)

"YOYO: You're On Your Own. We can't count on first responders. Their focus is on critical resources." Ann Pacey and Tim Beale show their "second-story kit" in case of earthquakes. Noting that a key injury is broken glass, they have boots, gloves, flashlight and hard hat … [Read more...]

Emergency! This Family is Prepared, part 1 (279)

"We base our emergency kit around our camping gear," says Tim Beale, showing us a carefully packed wheeled tote. His partner Ann Pacey lists essential areas to address, starting with financial records and ending with communications - including a plan to get back in touch … [Read more...]

Emergency? This Family is Ready

Earthquakes can happen in Vancouver, British Columbia. Fires and severe storms, too. Ann Pacey and Tim Beale are ready for whatever may come − whether they need to evacuate or live in place. Their camping gear is the foundation for their preparedness gear. … [Read more...]

Partners in Preparedness – Neighborhoods and Emergency Responders (181)

The last thing "Dr. Doom" Bob Hamlin expected was citizens offering to help his county Emergency Management Department. But when Deborah Stinson from Port Townsend's Local 20/20 came to Bob's office after Hurricane Katrina, they formed a partnership. Citizens are organizing … [Read more...]

Government and Citizens Partner for Emergency Preparedness

The county Office of Emergency Management room looked official and serious. It was packed with tables covered with laptop computers and communications equipment and a large county map on the wall. I visualized a busy urgent hubbub  in the event of an earthquake — every … [Read more...]

Preparing for Disasters and Hard Times (170)

In this animated dialogue, natural resource analyst Sean Brodrick provides a sharp-eyed perspective on what may be coming in this precarious economy and how to prepare for it. The author of The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide, Sean is hip to peak oil and other resource … [Read more...]

Bag It! Packaging Bulk Foods with Nitrogen (177)

Nevada County locals Jim Wray and Loraine Webb demonstrate the how and why of packaging bulk foods with nitrogen. They're using equipment available for community members to use at minimal cost. Jim demonstrates packaging: make plastic bags using a heat sealer, fill with … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at an Emergency Survival Kit (122)

If an emergency forced you to evacuate your home, would you be prepared? Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails, shows what to pack in your 72-hour emergency survival kit — and why. Check out the first aid kits, sleeping bag and space blanket, LED flashlight, … [Read more...]

Sebastopol: A Town Addresses Energy Decline

City councilman Larry Robinson discusses how rising energy prices and availability might affect services like fire, water, wastewater, law enforcement—and the citizen's advisory group starting to address these issues. Episode 19. Watch video |  iTunes | … [Read more...]

Learning from Hurricane Katrina

Nevada county residents Reinette Senum, Beau Bangert and Alan Stahler helped in the cleanup shortly after the devastation. They saw firsthand the immense scope of the devastation, and affirm that locals need to be prepared for emergencies rather than depending on the … [Read more...]