A Minstrel for the Earth (328)

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Dana Lyons’ lyrics can be darn funny and downright moving. He sings passionately from his love of the Earth. This show opens with Dana’s rich deep voice singing his signature “Cows with Guns.” Listen closely to the hilarious lyrics! He talks … [Read more...]

Catch the Rain (255)

Savvy Seattleites are capturing rain from their rooftops not only to water their yards, but to slow runoff into the streets. Jim Bristow gives a gutter-to-ground tour of a residential system, including small-profile cisterns tucked beside the house. Jim also shows a "rain … [Read more...]

Be Rain Wise – Catch That Rainwater!

While biking around the Ballard neighborhood in northwest Seattle, we've noticed several little stone gardens beside the sidewalks. They have signs saying "I'm Rain Wise - This property manages rainwater at home." Our friend and Peak Moment guest Jim Bristow (This Old … [Read more...]

How We Live at Lone Bobcat Woods (176)

Peek behind the scenes at Peak Moment TV's home base. Janaia Donaldson shows guest host Ivey Cone the solar power system, woodstove for heat (and winter waffles), and super efficient refrigerator. Choosing to reduce their footprint, she and Robyn Mallgren, Peak Moment … [Read more...]

Award winner! Creating a Home Graywater System (141)

News! Winner of 2009 Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) Award in the category "Talk Show--Issues, Professional Producer."  WAVE is sponsored by The Alliance for Community Media, Western Region, to support and encourage community-access television show … [Read more...]

For the Love of Trees

Though born and raised elsewhere, Jerry Becker is now a de facto indigenous member of Oregon's Elk River watershed. The credo he lives by is Respect. He and his family have lived lightly "long before it was cool." An ecoforester, Jerry manages the woods sensitively with an … [Read more...]

An Innovative Program Helps Residents Protect Their Water

Water is a precious resource we can't live without. Pat Pearson educates Olympic Peninsula citizens with a "Water Matters" campaign and "Shore Stewards" program for shoreline residents. New homeowners receive a "Welcome to Your Watershed" packet, while volunteers build … [Read more...]

Restoring Native Landscapes – From a Dump to a Park

A closed landfill in Santa Barbara county is not just being restored with native plants. It also has a pilot project growing oil-rich jatropha for biodiesel. Restoration horticulturists Karen Flagg and Don Hartley of Growing Solutions do restoration education and remediate … [Read more...]

BriarPatch Co-op – Building for the New Century

Manager Paul Harton welcomes us to the newly-built BriarPatch Co-op Natural Foods Community Market. It's built to qualify for LEED™ certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and incorporates innovative design throughout. Architect Jeff Gold shows … [Read more...]

Forging Common Ground on Energy

Vice-Mayor Ron Orenstein worked with citizens to inventory Willits energy usage, including reduction strategies. Their work led to a unanimous council vote to install photovoltaics on city hall and more. Episode 23. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]