An Innovative Program Helps Residents Protect Their Water

PM80_640Water is a precious resource we can’t live without. Pat Pearson educates Olympic Peninsula citizens with a “Water Matters” campaign and “Shore Stewards” program for shoreline residents. New homeowners receive a “Welcome to Your Watershed” packet, while volunteers build rainbarrels to catch roof rainwater for gardens. Episode 80. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    How I share like-mindedness with this community. So many wonderful projects, potentially, of which to be a part. I am determined to gather my felines and go! Thank you, Pat and Janaia, for addressing this increasingly crucial concern. I think about this issue continually. I greatly hope that the nature of this (story) soon changes significantly–that of elevating the economy above all else. What comprises an economy can be changed…whether local or national. Access to this absolute necessity of life, for all of life’s beings, cannot continue to be relegated to such a lower echelon position.

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