Giving Thanks – Past, Present and Future

Rent a 2-bedroom suite in the Eco-Sense House near Victoria, BC. Natural builders and permaculture practitioners Ann and Gord Baird are looking for homesteading partners who are mostly full time and eager to dive into food production and community education with them. Learn … [Read more...]

Help Us Find Our Winter Home Bases

There's No Place Like Home … and we're looking for several of them in the American Southwest from January through March 2015. Do you know someone who might host us with a parking space for a 29 foot motorhome? (Or a friend of a friend). We can also house-sit and … [Read more...]

A Whirlwind Spring

Our lives have been a whirlwind since mid-April's newsletter! Get a glimpse in Ventures and Videos in BC and WA (the pictures below are just a few highlights). We've learned something important. While traveling, we need significant downtimes to de-stress as well as … [Read more...]

Ventures and Videos in BC and WA

It's been a whirlwind since mid-April! I'd hoped to post many blogs, but life moved too quickly. Here's a brief chronology of some wonderful adventures, people and places we visited and videoed in southwestern Canada and northwestern Washington. April 6-20. We settled … [Read more...]

A Robin’s-Eye View of Fairy Fen on Bowen Island

Fairy Fen is a wetlands preserve in the deep dark woods on Bowen Island, BC. Robin was especially attracted to this place, a reminder of the Olympic Rainforest her family visited every year in her childhood. Western red cedar, fir, and hemlock are interspersed with whispers … [Read more...]

Our British Columbia Winter Adventures

Turns out we're wintering over in British Columbia. After housesitting during the holidays in Victoria, we visited nearby Sooke, Salt Spring Island, and  Shawnigan Lake. We'll be in Bowen Island in March, then Shawnigan Lake until mid-April when we must leave Canada after … [Read more...]

Visiting EcoReality Co-op on Salt Spring Island, BC

We were welcomed at EcoReality Co-op by Jan Steinman and Cleome Rowe (top right) and the goats. EcoReality Co-op is an ecovillage at the southern tip of Salt Spring Island working to be a model of cooperative, sustainable land habitation and land use. Jan's "Veggie Van … [Read more...]

Totem poles in Victoria, B.C.

Thunderbird Park near the Victoria, B.C. wharf includes a good many totem poles created by the indigenous people (mostly Gitxsan, Haida, andKwakwaka'wakw, says wikipedia). In Robin's photo you see two previous eras: totems of the original First Nations people, and the … [Read more...]

Peak Moment TV – We’re on the Road!

It's the first week of our 2013 Peak Moment Road Trip. We reached escape velocity following a major marathon at Lone Bobcat Woods. In Chico we videoed a Tiny House with Logan Smith. Near Eugene Oregon we popped in on Suburban Backyard Permaculturist Jan Spencer, and … [Read more...]

Escape Velocity Reached! Peak Moment On the Road 2013

We reached escape velocity Sunday evening July 28th. It was a major marathon wrapping everything up at Lone Bobcat Woods for three tenants on our non-automated homestead, especially with the possibility we may be gone through the winter. While I provisioned our "Little … [Read more...]