Peak Moment TV – We’re on the Road!


Bon voyage!

It’s the first week of our 2013 Peak Moment Road Trip. We reached escape velocity following a major marathon at Lone Bobcat Woods.

In Chico we videoed a Tiny House with Logan Smith. Near Eugene Oregon we popped in on Suburban Backyard Permaculturist Jan Spencer, and videoed Llyn and Chris in the Monroe Sharing Garden as well as Rick Reese, author of What is Sustainable? 

In Portland we videoed Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal Mind and Community Rights movement organizer Paul Cienfuegos. (Journal posts forthcoming after I catch my breath!).


We biked to the Tiny House

We’ll continue north through Seattle and Bellingham into British Columbia, where we’ll replenish our souls in Big Nature — the Canadian Rockies. Then we’ll head south along the American Rockies into Colorado and New Mexico by fall. After that, who knows? We may, as Robyn quips, “Take a left turn” and head east. This journey is open-ended. 

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Smoky skies in Dunsmuir (art by Janaia)

We haven’t lined up all of our connections yet, so email Janaia if you know of a place we might park safely anywhere along this route, or to suggest innovative projects and people we might video.

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~Janaia & Robyn

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