Giving Thanks – Past, Present and Future


As Thanksgiving inclines toward winter solstice, we’re feeling very grateful. We’re thankful for friends yet to appear who will host our winter landing pads: January near Santa Fe-Albuquerque, NM; February near Silver City, NM;  March near Tucson, AZ. Email us if you know someone who’ll let us park & plug in our 29-foot motorhome, or has a house-sitting need.

Big thanks to the many friends new and old who’ve hosted us since summer 2013 − we couldn’t record Peak Moment shows on location without your generous support. A few of our landing pads at the top left. See more here.

Thanks to all who wrote testimonials for Peak Moment TV. We feel blessed and uplifted by your support … and have sixteen glowing pages full! (No, it’s not too late to write one if you wish. Email us.)

We’re deeply thankful to all who’ve contributed financially to Peak Moment in times past and as this year closes. We know there are many competing demands for your dollars, especially as the economic recession deepens. We appreciate your generosity. You’ve helped Peak Moment TV achieve 5 million viewings online, and more importantly, as many testimonials attest, you’ve helped many lives change for the better.

With thankful hearts,

Janaia & Robin

P.S. We’re also thankful to be living this adventurous life as twenty-first century video vagabonds documenting and cross-pollinating a unique moment in planetary history. And thankful that you’re journeying with us!

Widening circles


Rent a 2-bedroom suite in the Eco-Sense House near Victoria, BC. Natural builders and permaculture practitioners Ann and Gord Baird are looking for homesteading partners who are mostly full time and eager to dive into food production and community education with them. Learn more and see pix here. Meet Ann and Gord in this Peak Moment tour of Eco-Sense House (episode 230).

Vicki Robins, author of Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, is fundraising to grow the 2014 “10-Day Local Food Challenge” in 2015 “to put local food on everyone’s plates and on the social change agenda.” Plunk in $10 or more here. We interviewed Vicki in Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness (episode 186) and recorded an upcoming program on her local food challenge.

Dana-Salish-SeaSinger-songwriter and environmental activist Dana Lyons has upcoming concerts in Washington: Olympia (Dec. 6), Bellingham (Dec. 11), Friday Harbor (Jan. 3) and Coupeville, WA (Jan. 24). I love this T-shirt design reflecting his song lyrics from The Great Salish Sea CD:

“Remember the legend, the myth and the story,
A long time ago when we witnessed the glory,
With thousands and thousands of whales swimming free,
The orcas come home to the great Salish Sea.”

Janaia’s Journal

Beale_light_550Emergency? This Family is Ready. Ann Pacey and Tim Beale are ready for whatever may come − whether they need to evacuate or live in place. Their camping gear is the foundation for their preparedness gear. Brilliant!

Help Us Find Our Winter Home Bases. We’re looking for landing pads for our motorhome near Santa Fe-Albuquerque, NM in January, near Silver City, NM in February, and near Tucson, AZ in March. Got friends there, ideas, or home-sitting opportunities?

Videos to Look Forward to

CarolDeppe_550A Resilient Gardener Breeds Plants for These Times. We recorded a show with plant breeder Carol Deppe about her 2010 book The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-reliance in Uncertain Times: Including the Five Crops You Need to Survive and Thrive–Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Squash and Eggs. In the second show, we covered her “Eat-All Greens” gardening idea — an easy method for producing highly nutritional greens nearly year-round in nearly no space and with nearly no work from growing to eating from her forthcoming book, The Tao of Vegetable Gardening: Cultivating Tomatoes, Greens, Peas, Beans, Squash, Joy and Serenity.

The Squash is In! See photos from the Corvallis countryside where Carol Deppe and friends harvested the last of the season’s squash.

New Videos from Peak Moment TV

pm276_640Unlearn, Rewild — Inspiration for the Future Primitive. “My journey has been as a squatter living close to the land, building cabins, living with friends, learning how to live really intimately with the land by hunting, foraging, scrounging … dancing between the two worlds of human society and wild nature.” The author of Unlearn, Rewild, Miles Olson looks at the challenge of unlearning industrial civilization’s distortions. He notes that if civilization collapsed tomorrow, we’d just start rebuilding it the next day—because it’s all we know. “For me, connecting to the land and having relationships that are healthy and honor other people, that honor life, is a necessary part of [my journey].” Episode 276.

pm277_640Unlearn, Rewild — Earth Skills for Body and Mind. “We learn through being broken, we learn through imperfection. That’s how evolution happens.” Miles Olson, the author of Unlearn, Rewild also discusses being a compassionate hunter, and how facing death can bring us fully alive. “The question is, how do you give back? It’s a really weighty one when you kill [an animal for food]. I took something beautiful and I extinguished that light to feed my own.” As a squatter living close to the land for a decade, Miles Olson learned skills through experience—trapping and hunting animals, cultivating edible plants, and burying human wastes where they’ll feed the soil and nurture new life. Episode 277.

PM278_640Beyond Cabbage — The Fermentistas Show Us How. Let’s cultivate fermented food not only because it’s healthy, but for the rich diversity of flavors. That’s what Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey encourage. These food entrepreneurs show us how easy it is to make sauerkraut: slice and salt cabbage, scrunch it to get brine, press into a jar, weight it down, let it sit for a few days. We taste-tasted several of these live raw foods whose recipes are in their colorfully photographed book Fermented Vegetables: Creative recipes for fermenting 64 vegetables and herbs in krauts, kimchis, brined pickles, chutneys, relishes and pastes. Episode 278.

A Viewer Says

“In my humble opinion, Peak Moment TV is the most down to earth,
real and everyday relevant news available.
It offers both insight and solutions applicable in every thinking person’s life today
instead of speculation and propaganda offered almost everywhere else.” — Y Groulx, Alfred, Ontario

We’re thankful for supportive friends like you who Contribute in so many ways.

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