A Whirlwind Spring

Our lives have been a whirlwind since mid-April’s newsletter! Get a glimpse in Ventures and Videos in BC and WA (the pictures below are just a few highlights).


From Whidbey Island to Bellingham and Port Townsend (all in Washington)

We’ve learned something important. While traveling, we need significant downtimes to de-stress as well as produce new Peak Moment shows−a counter-balance to energizing visits to new places meeting new people.

We’re now enjoying such a pause in Corvallis, and will be housesitting in Portland in July. Big gratitudes to Otmar Ebenhoech (Return of the Electric Car, #52) and Nora Gedgaudas (A Primal Diet for Modern Times, #260 and 261) for these home bases.


Wanted: landing spots in N. America

We’re looking for similar parking places and/or house-sitting opportunities when we head for the American Southwest in late fall (and from there along the southern US and up to the east coast, then across the northern states and provinces). If you have a parking place to offer anywhere in North America, email Janaia. We’re hoping to find places we can stay in our 29-foot RV for 2 to 6 weeks with power, wi-fi and water.

Someone recently reminded us that Peak Moment TV is part of the sharing economy. You are too. Your ideas and offers of a short-term parking place or housesit is a gift to us personally and to Peak Moment TV, which we share with the world. We always welcome financial gifts, too.

With gratitude, Janaia & Robin

Widening the Circle

Chip in with friends of O.U.R. Ecovillage who are raising funds to keep the Ecovillage operating for the coming year while co-founder Brandy Gallagher undergoes critical surgery (including funding a part-time E.D.) Click to donate. Why contribute if you don’t know Brandy or O.U.R. Ecovillage? Because this is a path-breaking model influencing others worldwide. Pay it forward. 


O.U.R. Ecovillage labyrinth and sanctuary

Free downloads of Peak Moment shows for your community access TV station! Contact your local station and tell them you’d like Peak Moment to be cablecast. Here’s the scoop. Email us if you need help. (PegMedia downloads are thanks to a generous gift from Leo Immonen, active with the Wrentham, MA station).

If you’re in Washington, Oregon or Idaho this summer, don’t miss singer-songwriter Dana Lyons’ Crude Awakening Oil Train Tour.

Janaia’s Journal

A New Season at Inspiration Farm. We stopped for a quick springtime tour with Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King at Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, where we stayed last fall. Brian showed the new pond, which the pigs did the first round of digging on…


Share-It Square (Portland)

Paint the Intersection at Share-It Square. People wielded colorful paint, brushes and rollers all over the middle of the residential street intersection. For the 19th year, neighbors and friends were repainting the street in the oldest “intersection repair” in the world…

Ventures and Videos in BC & WA. Here’s a brief chronology of some wonderful adventures, people and places we visited and videoed in southwestern Canada and northwestern Washington.

Videos to Look Forward to


Urban food forest office building


Yaks at Pine Mtn Ranch, Bend, OR

  • Yak and buffalo pasture-raised by Alan Rousseau and Loretta Spahmer of Pine Mountain Ranch
  • The Recyclery update with founder Chauncey Tudhope-Locklear
  • Tree Bressen and Dave Pollard on Living in the Sharing Economy
  • Judy Alexander and Kippi Waters on Dying Consciously
    Meet other upcoming guests in Ventures and Videos in BC & WA.

New Videos from Peak Moment TV

pm264_560Rhythm and Song for Body, Mind and Spirit. Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover facilitate Rhythm Circles — drum and song circles, and a unique form called TaKeTiNa (tah-kuh-tee-nuh). Their circles aren’t about performance, so people can enjoy without those pressures. Participants learn through call and response rather than sheet music. Join a TaKeTiNa circle, where the facilitators create universal rhythms for simple dance movement, clapping and vocalizations. Episode 264.


Come to the SkillShare Faire! Join the fun at the 2013 Whatcom SkillShare Faire! Make fire by friction. Thresh seeds with a 100-year-old pedal-powered machine. Learn to card, spin and weave. Make a rocket stove. In this extravaganza of sharing, residents teach and learn all kinds of useful, practical skills — like making soap, sharpening tools, and raising chickens. “Share your Skills, Trade your Wares.” Episode 265. pm266_560

The Power of Potlucks. Dave Pollard and Tree Bressen riff on the power of potlucks to bring people into the sharing economy. Some people may be uncomfortable at first, but it’s a dynamite way to have fun and begin to forge a community — plus, all kinds of connections can flow from them. A potluck can be as distinctive as the neighborhood itself — from West Vancouverites who may be more comfortable with cocktail parties to A Locavores’ Potluck (episode 257) with young food producers near Victoria, B.C. Episode 266.

pm267_560Shaping Water and Soil at Inspiration Farm. Permaculturist Brian Kerkvliet shows how he gently shapes soil to form ponds which overflow into connected swales (ditches on contour). They slow and retain water while distributing nutrients through the whole landscape. On the mound of soft earth dug out from one swale, he planted mostly edible cover crops, berry bushes and 25 fruit tree species in only three days. Episode 267.

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