A Rural County at the Crossroads

Mendocino county supervisor Hal Wagenet scans from this rural county's timber-extraction past to the challenges of a larger retired population's high service needs. Amongst critical "Land Use" issues he adds an idea for mixed-used building in a walkable Willits. Episode … [Read more...]

Forging Common Ground on Energy

Vice-Mayor Ron Orenstein worked with citizens to inventory Willits energy usage, including reduction strategies. Their work led to a unanimous council vote to install photovoltaics on city hall and more. Episode 23. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]

Sebastopol: A Town Addresses Energy Decline

City councilman Larry Robinson discusses how rising energy prices and availability might affect services like fire, water, wastewater, law enforcement—and the citizen's advisory group starting to address these issues. Episode 19. Watch video |  iTunes | … [Read more...]