Restoring Native Landscapes – From a Dump to a Park

pm71_620A closed landfill in Santa Barbara county is not just being restored with native plants. It also has a pilot project growing oil-rich jatropha for biodiesel. Restoration horticulturists Karen Flagg and Don Hartley of Growing Solutions do restoration education and remediate damaged landscapes — bringing them back to life. Episode 71. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    I think it was Jenny Pell who mentioned responding to questions about the introduction of non-native plant species…pointing out that (mostly) we humans are exotic (non-native) species in this land! Further, considering the natural resource destruction and eradication done by humans, planting in general at this point (especially with regard to food plants) can only be beneficial. I appreciated these points and they linger in my memory. At the same time, what valuable work you are doing. I think that Don had remarkable awareness at 18/19(?) to make this observation about European living standards and practices in comparison to American ones. And heartwarming – thank you, Karen, for describing all that is encouraging and enjoyable about working with the young people. Actually, heartwarming in every sense. How dedicated you two are – from your work to your own life practices.

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