Farewell Seattle – We Fared Well in Your Fair City

J&R_TwinLakesWhat a rich and full six weeks on the road! My dream of traveling the country visiting friends old and new continues to come true.

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Friends Old and New in the greater Seattle area


Food for Body and Soul


Videos to look forward to

beekeepers_300John Woodworth (& Bob Redmond from a distance)  enabled us to video Airport Bees come in for a Landing.

Jim Bristow (This Old House – Rethink, Reuse, Remodel, episode 195) is now focused on rainwater catchment (Be Rain Wise – Catch that Rainwater!)  We deepened our friendship over a delicious barbecue plus Erica’s Chilean side dishes, and exclaimed how much Mia has grown in three years. Thanks, Jim for finding the perfect Seattle home for our little house!

seattle-commty-farm-wc_600Scott Behmer, who gifted us with a fat zucchini after our video tour of Seattle Community Farm – Fresh Produce for the Neighborhood.

The Mendonca family, who after a serendipitous meeting with Mark (dad), welcomed us to their home alive with music from two creative home-schooled teens, and conversation around shared interests from diet to money to the arts.

Widening Circles

Rick_Reese_550I think Rick Reese’s Sustainable or Bust is must-reading. Here’s my Amazon review. (We videoed Rick in August on What is GENUINE Sustainability?).

Mónica Fernández added Spanish captions to Innovation Bears Fruit for Family Farm (episode 162). Her Spanish-language sustainable agriculture blog is www.blogdisidente.com.

Help make yours a Shareable City! Our friends at Sustainable Economies Law Center (Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy, episode 210) have developed a downloadable policy brief, Policies for Shareable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders to support innovations such as carsharing, ridesharing, cohousing, cooperatives, and urban agriculture.

New Peak Moment Videos

PM240_550What Do You Think Is Worth Fighting For? “There are very sober people talking about the possible death of entire oceans. The end of fish. If that’s not worth fighting for, what is?” Activist and author Derrick Jensen asserts that industrial civilization is murdering the planet and it must be stopped. We need to decolonize our hearts and minds. As soon as our allegiance is to the real world and not industrial capitalism, things become more clear. His books include A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, What We Leave Behind and Endgame. Episode 240. Also watch “How the West HAS Won”, episode 200.

pm241_600Things Are Cookin’ at Wallingford Community Kitchen. One night a month, join your neighbors to cook up a meal. Eat together and take some home. We had great fun at this 2010 community kitchen in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. Coordinator Rachel Duboff and Kathleen Cromp of the Community Kitchens Northwest steering committee tell about people learning new ways to eat and cook healthily, share resources, and collaborate while building community. The city boasts about a dozen neighborhood community kitchens, each with a unique flavor suited to its members. Create your own: they offer inspiring stories, tips and logistics to get you started. Episode 241.

PM242_640Small Scale Aquaponics – From Fish Poop to Seafood Dinner. Tour a closed-loop water system where one critter’s wastes become another’s food. Inside a steamy greenhouse, Jeremy Roth of Aprovecho Center’s Aquaculture Project shows us fish tanks containing tilapia just like you might order in a restaurant. Water from the tanks is pumped through troughs where pond plants take in the nutrients from the fish. Plant material is then returned to feed the fish in their tanks. The nutrient-rich water is also diverted to nourish veggies like chard, tomatoes, and water chestnuts rooted in a shallow gravel bar. In this cycle, aquaponics yields generous quantities of high quality protein from a very small footprint. Episode 242.

pm243_640HDSeeing the Forest Community Through the Trees. Restoration forester Matthew Hall has a vision for the Aprovecho woods: a managed ancient forest. Weaker trees are made into products while the larger trees stay in the forest forever. He retains nature’s changes (like storm-dropped trees). He recruits snags. Tops snapped off of larger trees stay on the forest floor “to create a bank account of large woody debris.” He’s managing not just for the trees, but for the other communities who live here — soil, bugs, birds, and humans. Episode 243.

 A Viewer Says

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