Deepening into Winter

The Little Fir by Janaia Donaldson

December 2012. The winter solstice beckons us towards a season of quieter inward time, which many of us push against in this frenetic culture’s dizzying holiday season. We hope you’ll find some quiet moments gazing at the starry night sky, or cozied up beside a warm fire. Nurture yourself in nature around you and in you, even if it’s just taking a deep breath at a stoplight.

Perhaps like you, we receive many appeals for year-end financial contributions. We weigh what we can afford with what matters to us. We appreciate your considering Peak Moment TV for your year-end gift or at any time. 

Janaia and Robyn 

Widening Circles

Carolyn Baker’s The Sixth Extinction: Beyond Transition, The Long Emergency and The Great Turning stopped my heart. It’s why we do Peak Moment TV. Her commentary weaves around a recent Guy MacPherson presentation (his blog: Nature Bats Last). Carolyn offers timely wisdom in two new podcasts “New Stories For A New Paradigm” and “Beyond Physical Survival” (free). Carolyn was our guest in The Sacred Demise of Industrial Civilization (episode 169) and the forthcoming “Navigating the Coming Chaos” on her book of the same name.

Wondering how to save energy on Buildings? Faith Morgan’s new film on Passive Houses will address the 48% of US energy used for buildings, 85% of which is for heating and cooling. Chip in to finish the film at Community Solutions. From the filmmaker of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, our topic in Learning from Cuba’s Response to Peak Oil (episode 27).

Concerned about Overgrowth? Filmmaker Dave Gardner’s final cut of GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth documentary shows how “the human enterprise has surpassed Earth’s carrying capacity.” This project of Citizen-Powered Media is looking for more players and supporters to “rivet attention on achieving true sustainability.” Dave was our guest on Hooked on Growth – Meet the Filmmaker (episode 177). Contact him to contribute.

Interested in Local Investing? James Frazier is starting the Local Investing Resource Center as a non-profit website and advocacy center to educate and support local businesses, local investors, and local investing networks nationwide. Subscribe and/or Contribute. James, co-founder of Local Investment Opportunity Network (LION) was our guest on Local Investing Made Easy (episode 201).

Free permaculture E-book Introduction to Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design for a limited time from The Regenerative Leadership Institute.

Not sure Peak Oil’s Coming Anytime Soon? Here are two engaging graphics: The World Running on ‘E’: The Coming Oil Crisis and The One Chart About Oils Future Everyone Should See

Update on Labeling GMOs. We were disappointed but not surprised by the defeat of California proposition 37 requiring labels for genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Monsanto and allies launched a massive $46 million disinformation campaign to narrowly defeat it. But 30 other states are launching similar initiatives. Join in! And boycott companies who funded opposition.

Janaia’s Journal

Whaddya Mean, Eat Fat to Lose Fat? The responses to my presentation on our very low carbohydrate diet and my blog Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia share one outstanding feature: many people don’t seem to GET what our eating pattern is and isn’t. <more>

Peak Moment Episodes and Reviews

Can a Bike-Powered Blender Really Change the World? review by Sami Grover, Treehugger of episode 221.

Applying a Peak Oil Filter to Financial Choices

“If peak oil occurs, it will dominate most everything else that we do, because energy drives everything.” Financial consultant Jim Hansen’s peak oil filter doesn’t just guide  investment decisions for his client portfolios. He applies it to his personal lifestyle (you may be surprised to learn what car he drives). He’s also concerned about community impacts when fuel prices are higher, like centralized hospitals dependent on people driving to them, rather than many smaller localized facilities. Jim makes an important point: “If I get it right but my community gets it wrong, it could overwhelm everything I’ve done personally.” (episode 222)

Dignity Village – A Community By and For the Homeless, part 1

“Anybody can come through our gates 8 am-10 pm and use all of our facilities. We have hot showers, a telephone, free computers internet-ready, our commons, offices, [and a free store of donated items.] Anybody has access to this.” Tour guide Jon Hawkes highlights this community’s generosity to the larger community: its residents well understand what homeless people need. Visit their greenhouse, gardens, houses, and business enterprises — all built with ingenuity on a city-owned site. (episode 223)

A Visit to the World’s Only City-Sanctioned Homeless Camp review by Sami Grover, Treehugger

Dignity Village – A Community By and For the Homeless, part 2

“No violence. No theft. No drugs or alcohol. No constant disruptive behavior. Everyone must contribute to the village.”  While finishing our tour, Jon Hawkes lays out the five agreements residents must abide by, all forged by real-world experience. What would it be like if our entire society followed these rules? Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Dignity Village is an organically evolving, self-organizing intentional community — and a model for others. (episode 224)

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