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Happy Spring! We’re excited to unveil our new website springing forth!  Take a Moment to Peak, er, Peek!

Have a look at the widescreen slideshow and up-to-date features like buttons to Share posts on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere. See our list of favorite movies. 

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Thanks for being in our Peak Moment TV community. 

Janaia & Robyn

2012 Peak Moment numbers

Number of videos produced since 2006 ….228
Views on YouTube since fall 2006…………….3,276,960
Views on blip.tv since fall 2009 ……………….1,250,014
YouTube subscribers………………………………….14,557
Newsletter subscribers……………………………..2,283
Income 2012………………………………………………$10,654 (contributions $8527, DVD sales $2037)
Expenses 2012……………………………………………$11,480 (our labor is unpaid). We almost broke even!

Widening Circles

Peak Moment TV in French! Thanks to Sylvie Robert, Portland’s Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries has been produced with French subtitles. Watch La bibliothèque d’outils de Portland on Quebec Transition Network on YouTube. Interested in subtitling a video? Email us.

yes winter 2013Want some Yes! magazines for the price of postage?  I have about 50 copies each of  What Would Nature Do? and How Cooperatives are driving the new economy (winter and spring 2013 respectively). If you can pay media mail postage, I’m glad to send a generous stack for your group or event. Yes! is my favorite for Peak-Moment-like news of what we CAN do to make a better world.

When I co-founded APPLE (Alliance for a Post Petroleum Local Economy) in Nevada County in 2005, we were concerned by the effects of declining cheap oil. At APPLE’s recent public meeting, I joined other “old-timers” at the announcement of a new mission statement with broadened concerns:

“to promote self-reliant local communities by raising public awareness of the benefits of a resilient and sustainable environmental, economic, and social system given resource constraints.”

Janelle Orsi & Jenny Kassan at Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) (Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy, episode 210) have racked up Twenty major 2012 accomplishments, including a lot of workshops, a handbook Think Outside the Boss: How to start a worker-owned cooperative and Janelle’s new book Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies.

A smile brightened our faces as we watched a flash mob from the Copenhagen Philharmonic playing Peer Gynt on the Metro, shared by our friends at Undriving (Undriving – Changing the Way We Think, episode 205). What a fun way to travel!

Janaia’s Journal

The Firewood Angel is a true story: “It was two weeks before Christmas. As the young wife brought in firewood to light the fire, she thought, “There isn’t enough wood for the rest of the winter. How will I keep my four children warm?

We are Empowered by Self-Defense Training is an aspect of collapse preparedness I’ve not wanted to face head-on. Until now. I posted this on V-day (February 14) in solidarity with the global movement One Billion Rising, demanding an end to violence against women and girls.

Picture these: Timely quotes from Chris Hedges on The Destroyers and a comprehensive infographic Climate Change – The Big Picture, Illustrated.

linkedInWhat a pleasant surprise! A recent email notified us that Peak Moment TV is “in the top 1% in the U.S. for sustainability” among the 200 million LinkedIn professionals. Thanks to all who’ve endorsed us!


Peak Moment Episodes

pm225_640Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos. “The external growth of a budding economy is over. The focus on growth now needs to be on the inner world.” Carolyn Baker’s Navigating the Coming Chaos is a toolkit to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the collapse of industrial civilization now underway…. (episode 225).


PM226_640Inspiration Farm Cultivating Nourishing Food and Creativity. “Changing times calls for changing lifestyles.” says Brian Kerkvliet. “So [we’ve] put more energy into the land… The more you get your fingers in the soil, the more endorphins rush through your head. You get excited by all of that.” Using permaculture and biodynamic practices, Brian’s family is endlessly experimenting and innovating to find what works…. (episode 226).

PM227_600Farm Camp Connecting Kids to Their Food. Join the kids at Farm Camp! You’ll watch them care for turkeys and rabbits, listen to a harvest season story, and cook up applesauce. Campers have fun growing and preparing food and, best of all, eating the results. They raise veggies from seed to harvest and take field trips, like the Camp Pizza kids who visit a cheese maker…. (episode 227).

pm228_620Free Geek Reviving Computers, Empowering People. Take a whirlwind tour of Free Geek, powered almost entirely by volunteers. Free Geek keeps electronic stuff out of the landfill while refurbishing computers. “Volunteer for 24 hours, and you get a free computer, a class on how to use it, and a year of free tech support,” says Reuse Coordinator Alison Briggs…. (episode 228).

pm229_580Tools to Turn Dreams Into RealityHow do you turn wishful thinking into goals and concrete steps to achieve them? Alan Seid shares insights for “visioning and manifesting” that have helped him and others. It starts with imagining, Alan says, and thinking “outside the box….” (episode 229).


PM194_French_480La bibliothèque d’outils de Portland. (Portland’s Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries,  episode 194, with French subtitles.) Un exemple de “bibliothèque” où les citoyens peuvent venir emprunter des outils et de l’équipement pour faire leurs travaux. Traduction par le Réseau Transition Québec.


A Viewer Says

“ Thanks to everyone at peak moment for taking the time to make these little videos,
they’re the best example of constructive journalism I can think of. Cheers!

— YouTuber cookiefox

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