Coming into Autumn 2014

We are blown away by the responses to our request for testimonials! As Robin quipped, "It's like having a memorial celebration before you die." So much good spirit and support from so many perspectives! We're moved and grateful. It's not too late to add yours—we're … [Read more...]

Peak of Summer

During the past two months we've slowed down somewhat to catch up with ourselves in Corvallis and southwest Portland. We're folding ourselves into these communities—loving the Farmers Markets and biking around the neighborhoods to discover wild blackberry bushes (yum!). Next … [Read more...]

The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer

Most travel days don't have this many challenges! * We left Bellingham a day late because of heavier snows than predicted. * Our motorhome was searched at the Canadian border. * Trying to activate new cell service in Vancouver, we stood in line for half an hour, … [Read more...]

BC Island Journeys – Sooke, Salt Spring Island, Shawnigan Lake

Robin has an interesting image about traveling in our rolling home. We pack up our little house to go somewhere new, and the earth rolls beneath her wheels. We find ourselves in a new surrounding, and yet nothing has changed—we're still at home. In the last two weeks, … [Read more...]

The Light Returns: Solstice beside the Salish Sea

It is Christmas day. We are house-sitting with Carson the Cat in a Victorian house in Victoria, British Columbia. Yesterday we were moved by a delightful reading of Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales" by narrator Nelville Jones, a Victorian Welshman. Interwoven … [Read more...]

Entering a Pacific Northwest Winter

Where in the world is the Peak Moment road trip now? After stops in the Vancouver area, we're on Bowen Island, BC where we're taking a much-needed pause to catch up with ourselves and get rested. And to forge a new production process, starting with—ta-dah! (drum … [Read more...]

Our Autumn Around Vancouver, British Columbia

We spent ten gorgeous-colored autumn days parked in front of Varouj Gumuchian's residence in Vancouver, BC. Inside and out, his home is a living gallery of found art and an invitation to community, complete with bench and bulletin board beside the sidewalk. Thank you Varouj … [Read more...]

An Artist’s View from Coyote Overlook

This is where we live. What inspires us. Just a short walk around Round Mountain, Coyote Overlook boasts a vista extending across the Rock Creek watershed to the South Yuba River canyon. Beyond is the Sacramento Valley and on clear days, we can see the coastal range.  … [Read more...]