The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer

SnowJigTow_560Most travel days don’t have this many challenges!

* We left Bellingham a day late because of heavier snows than predicted.

* Our motorhome was searched at the Canadian border.

* Trying to activate new cell service in Vancouver, we stood in line for half an hour, only to find the outlet couldn’t find our account.

* Back on the street, a car had  hemmed in our RV from the front. We had to unhitch the tow car, back up both it and the RV, then rehitch to leave.

* Concurrently, Janaia’s attempt to phone the cell service provider failed to work because of Google’s request to reset a password. After some sleuthing and trial-and-error, it worked.

* We arrived in West Vancouver after dark to find the driveway covered with snow. We spent several hours shoveling snow and then installing chains on the motorhome for the first time.

We succeeded in getting her up the icy driveway without mishap. I resumed breathing.

Robin turned to me, quoting my contractor Uncle Bob: “The impossible only takes a little longer” and added, “Uncle Bob would be proud of us.”

Indeed he would.

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