Our Autumn Around Vancouver, British Columbia


We spent ten gorgeous-colored autumn days parked in front of Varouj Gumuchian’s residence in Vancouver, BC. Inside and out, his home is a living gallery of found art and an invitation to community, complete with bench and bulletin board beside the sidewalk. Thank you Varouj (pictured below), and to Philip Be’er for connecting us.


On Halloween day we picked up the house for a weeklong stay at Vandy Savage’s house in West Vancouver. Vandy’s the energetic co-producer of the award-winning eco-documentary How to Boil a Frog, who we met through Jon Cooksey, our guest in How to Boil A Frog – Meet the Filmmaker (episode 187). Here’s my watercolor of her rock garden.


Then we rolled The Little House  to Bowen Island, BC, where we attended Carolyn Baker’s Inner Transition workshop sponsored by BowenInTransition and videoed a conversation with Carolyn and Dave Pollard, How Shall We Live, With the Earth in Crisis (episode 250). Dave is graciously hosting us for a longer stay. His hilltop knoll offers stunning views of the Salish Sea and interior British Columbia mountains (photos: Robin Mallgren).




  1. Stunning photos…makes it seem for a moment that all is right in the world.

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