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Sunset2_640We are blown away by the responses to our request for testimonials! As Robin quipped, “It’s like having a memorial celebration before you die.” So much good spirit and support from so many perspectives! We’re moved and grateful.

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R_CampfireIn August we gathered with Robin’s family in Seattle and Janaia’s family on the Olympic peninsula. We settled in for a several quiet weeks in the lush green forest near Olympia (Robin’s home town) thanks to viewers Roy and Kathy Emory. While there we visited the year-round Farmers Market and gave ourselves the rare treat of a paleo-friendly dinner featuring local grass-fed beef at The Mark.

Following the sun southwards, we took a two-day vacation (also rare for us!) to camp and hike near Mt. St. Helens, a visit which summoned Robin’s vivid memories of the eruption in May 1980.



Blue skies accompanied us east along the Columbia River, then south for a hike to Mirror Lake, which afforded a view of Mt. Hood. Our journey south brought us to our September-October home base in Corvallis, graciously hosted by Otmar Ebenhoech in the Neighborly Neighborhood where we stayed last June.


 Widening circles

OUR Ecovillage Harvest FeastivalFeastival, Shawnigan Lake, BC, October 11 celebrates “a year of incredible healing and triumph over adversity” including founder Brandy Gallagher (Awakening the Village Heart and Mind, #206).

Earth at Risk 2014 conference, San Francisco, November 22-23. Author Derrick Jensen (How the West Has Won, #200) hosts two days of “preeminent strategists in environmental defense, social justice, and grassroots activism will come together to share their insights and speak toward ONE goal: crafting game-changing responses to address the converging crises we face.” [more]

Global #MapJam. This October, the Sharing Cities Network is launching the Second Annual Global #MapJam to bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map: grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. Mapping all of the shared resources in your city not only shows that another world is possible—it shows it’s already here! [more]

Extracting Ourselves from the Extractivist Mindset, a book review of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The ClimateResilienceLogo by Robert Jensen, a writer/professor I pay close attention to. “Naomi Klein has written a brave book that not only confronts the calamity of climate destabilization but also examines the deep roots of the crisis in the perverse logic of capitalism and the dehumanizing values of the “extractivist” high-energy/high-technology world.” [more]

The New Sweet Spots post from our friend Johnny Sanphilippo. He writes, “The Rust Belt has already experienced radical decline and has bottomed out and leveled off…what’s left are magnificent towns ripe for reinvention. People there are now open to the process of reinvention based on a completely different set of expectations.” [more] I like Johnny’s blog title – Granola Shotgun: Stories about Urbanism, Adaptation and Resilience.

Janaia’s Journal

veggieMandala_640Fed by Friends. “We are fed by friends, metaphorically and physically. We are blessed by the sharing economy, ancient and future. It is the original economy and one well worth expanding in the days ahead. What if we could share so abundantly that money and its attendant scarcity became only a distant memory? [more]

Not Food, No Eat. “I’m guessing that, in their experience, food comes packaged in a box, can, bottle, or other wrapper. That messy stuff under the fruit tree? Not Food, No Eat.” [more]

Becalmed in Paradise. A few weeks ago we went sailing with friends at nearby Fern Ridge Reservoir… It turned out to be an absolutely calm, windless afternoon.”  Robin’s photo at the top of this post is one of several from that magical afternoon. [more]

Videos to Look Forward to

Shockeys_500Meet the Fermentistas – Become a (C)rock Star. Kirsten and Christopher Shockey are  make it easy: salt the sliced cabbage, scrunch with your hands to get brine, press into a jar, weight it down. They’re artisans who’ve tried all sorts of flavor and color combinations for this living food. They’re sharing it all in a fresh new book: Fermented Vegetables: Creative recipes for fermenting 64 vegetables and herbs in krauts, kimchis, brined pickles, chutneys, relishes and pastes.  [more]

New Videos from Peak Moment TV

pm273_woodworth_436Beekeeping Takes Flight at Sea-Tac Airport. “We’re hoping to breed our honeybees with native bee populations who’ve been here awhile, to develop our own stock of Airport bees. Beekeeper John Woodworth, “Flight Path” project founder Bob Redmond and another beekeeper have placed 18 bee hives in a buffer zone around Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport as part of the airport’s habitat conservation efforts. Episode 273. [more]

pm274_640Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 3. “In 160 communities in nine states, we’ve been passing rights-based ordinances that strip corporations of their constitutional so-called rights; that enshrine the right of a local community to govern itself by community majority; and ban specific activities which are legal but which the community considers harmful,” declares organizer Paul Cienfuegos. Episode 274. [more]

pm275_640How Shall I Walk With This Wounded Earth? Singer-songwriter, poet and actor Pauline Le Bel wrote Becoming Intimate with the Earth to heal the relationship humans have with Mother Earth. Interweaving story, science, local heroes and more, she offers five paths encompassing wonder and joy, emptiness and grief, imagination and transformation. Episode 275. [more] A viewer commented, “Outstanding interview. It is said that when an interview is going well, the interviewer and the interviewee ‘dance.’ It was wonderful to watch you verbally dance, and then actually sing!”

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— Y Groulx, Canada

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