Early Autumn Chronicles from the Salish Sea Coast


EcoSense Cob Greenhouse
art by Janaia

Harvest time. 

Gardens putting out the last of the summer veggies. 

Early fall rains, harbingers of winter coming. 

We’re happy hyper-locavores relishing a zero-mile-diet along both sides of the Salish Sea. Tasting resilient, close-to-the-earth food cultivation rhythms. 

Gratitudes to our generous hosts Brian and Alexandra, Inspiration Farm (Bellingham, Washington) and Ann and Gord Baird, Eco-Sense House (Victoria, B.C.).

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The journey takes us next to Vancouver, B.C. Thanks in advance for your contributions to the Peak Moment Road Trip.

~Janaia & Robyn

Friends Old and New near Bellingham and Victoria, B.C.

skillsharefaire_600At the Whatcom Skill Share Faire near Bellingham, we met and videoed people of all ages who are eager to share what they know and do for local resilience and FUN! Journal: Celebrating Community at Whatcom Skill Share Faire

For the past month our mobile studio/RV has nestled cozily between the kale beds and trees surrounding the compost-heated shower, feeling quite at home in Bellingham with Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm – Cultivating Nourishing Food and Creativity (#226).


Thanks to friends at New Society Publishers (Planting Seeds for a New Society #207), we learned of PowerShift BC 2013: Youth Gathering for Climate Justice in Victoria, B.C. There we videoed David Suzuki’s passionate keynote and were inspired by many indigenous keynoters and dancers.

For our ten-day visit to Vancouver Island, Gord and Ann Baird welcomed us to Eco-Sense House (#230) outside Victoria, B.C. Now they’re building an Eco-Hut and cultivating abundant nook-and-cranny food gardens on their rocky hilltop.

Food for Body and Soul

David and Angela Macleod of Bellingham prepared us a delicious paleo-friendly brunch, which we all shared along with meaningful conversation with new friends Tom Anderson and Shila Moa.

Rainy Hopewell and Margot Johnston of Victoria (Claiming the Commons – Food for All on Haultain Boulevard, #185) introduced us to the nearby “Locavore” local-centric market. Then we shared in their own locavore dinner including veggies from their still-thriving boulevard commons garden.

Videos to look forward to

skagit_river_ranch_600“Farmer George” Vojkovich, who with his wife Eiko manage Skagit River Ranch. We so enjoyed their Farm Day showing off pastured cattle, pigs, and chickens, that we returned later to video a conversation about his philosophy and practice. Journal: Meet Farmer George and His Pastured Animals.

In 2006 we videoed local currency champion Francis Ayley (Local Currencies – Replacing Scarcity with Trust, #49). There’s more unfolding. Hear the latest from both Francis and his wife Lia. Journal: Local Currency – Better Than Money

LeilaDarwish_550Leila Darwish, impassioned author of Earth Repair – A Grass Roots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes is empowering grass roots bioremediation using fungi, microbes and plants. Journal: Earth Repair – Grass Roots Healing for Toxic Landscapes


Widening Circles

Things are heating up considerably with a rash of climate change reports coming in. Catch Thom Hartmann‘s impressive short video and join his Last Hours campaign.

Prof. Guy McPherson is keeping an evergreen tally of climate change self-reinforcing feedback loops. In the video Climate Chaos in Four Minutes, he highlights 23 of the 25 tipping points which appear irreversible. Or read his 19 Ways Climate Change Is Now Feeding Itself.

newtemplateWhen your city’s new “lowest” temperature is higher than its current “high,” you know you’re in global warming. Pictures show predictions for where and when major global cities will experience substantially  higher temperatures — the first as soon as seven years from now (2020). How will you be affected?

New Videos from Peak Moment

pm244_560HDA Longtime Farmer Shares His Wisdom (part 1). Nash Huber is famous for his delicious carrots — crunchy, sweet and alive. He started farming in Washington state’s northeast Olympic Peninsula by cultivating backyard gardens and many relationships. His team grows over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and pork all year round. When suburban sprawl started eating up nearby farmland, Nash dedicated himself to growing a stable base of land for farming. He partnered with PCC Farmland Trust to buy and protect farmland in his region. He was designated Steward of the Year 2008 by the American Farmland Trust. Episode 244.

pm245_560A Longtime Farmer Shares His Wisdom (part 2). For over forty years, Nash Huber has grown healthy plants, soil, seeds — and now future farmers. He nurtures soil fertility with compost, cover crops and chicken tractors. He saves seeds from plants that are best suited to local growing conditions — that’s how he developed his own variety of purple kale. He rotates crops in various plots, so soil can be given a rest and replenish depleted nutrients. As for future farmers, Nash says it takes ten years minimum for young folks to learn how to farm — all hands-on, of course. Episode 245.

Suzuki_396David Suzuki’s Keynote at PowerShift BC 2013. “I come as an elder without an agenda,” were Suzuki’s opening words at PowerShift BC 2013 in Victoria, Coast Salish Territories, B.C. Canada. He closed acknowledging that the indigenous people have what is needed now [a deep connection and passion to protect the land]. Suzuki’s stirring talk was preceded by keynotes from a half-dozen indigenous women. Each laid out the challenges of their land and people against the assaulting onslaught of tar sands, pipelines, coal trains, fracking, human trafficking and more.

A Viewer Says

“truly inspiring I love what you are doing how can i get involved” – YouTuber Jessica Stewart

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