Road Trip Planned for Summer 2013


Coyotes Overlooking, Janaia 2013

We’re embarking on the next Peak Moment tour this summer!  We’re heading to the Pacific Northwest. Our return route may be via the Canadian Rockies to Colorado and New Mexico. We’ll see. If you can offer a safe place to park not far from the I-5 corridor in Oregon or Washington, give me a shout.  

I’m assembling our itinerary and potential shows. Among others, we plan to video Richard Reese, author of What is Sustainable, and Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body, Primal MindI’m open to suggestions for other people and projects to video. 

If you’ve been thinking about donating, now is when we need it! We’re moving our production up a notch. New videos will be higher quality (high definition) and of varying lengths (not just 28 minutes). Your support helps us purchase new equipment and software to achieve this step. 

Dangling Carrot Department: We have  DVDs we’d like to move along. Five DVDs of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, two of Richard Heinberg‘s 2005 Peak Oil presentation we taped in Nevada City, and one David Korten The Great Turning. Normal price is $20 plus postage. Donate at least $10 to Peak Moment TV and email me which you want. First come, first served.

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Widening Circles

despair_empower_600Connect the Dots: Systems in Collapse is a courageous video discussion about some of the issues we face at this time of the sixth great extinction and the collapse of industrial civilization. Activists Tom Grundy, Terra Nyssa and Janaia, plus video clips of Derrick Jensen author of Endgame, Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Last, cosmologist Brian Swimme, plus an indigenous elder and young activist opposing proposed coal terminals in Washington state. Hosted and produced by Ivey Cone, Fuki Cafe.

fuki_nctv_568Living with the Predicament is a follow-on video conversation between Janaia and host Ivey Cone (here’s my blog about it). A problem can be solved. A predicament cannot. How do we live with the predicament humanity is facing? It starts with facing this unprecedented situation. Video produced by Ivey Cone, Fuki Cafe.

Yes_summer_2013The summer 2013 Yes! magazine is hot! We read aloud Robert Jensen’s “Why Radical is the New Normal: Get Apocalyptic” and it sure speaks for us. Can’t wait to share it with you when it’s online.

Do you want some Yes! magazines to share with your community?  I have copies of Love & Apocalypse, What Would Nature Do? and How Cooperatives are driving the new economy (summer, spring and winter 2013 respectively). If you can pay media mail postage, I’m glad to send a generous stack for your group or event. Email Janaia.

Janaia’s Journal

Pauli_Halstead_600Cooking Primal Cuisine with Chef Pauli Halstead. We enjoyed taping and tasting a Peak Moment show with the author of  Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet. “Primal Pauli” has done a lot to deepen our knowledge of the primal/ paleo/ ketogenic diet that has transformed our lives and bodies this past two year…

Enforced Advertising? Not for Peak Moment TV! In an advertising-saturated culture, what’s another ad? For us at Peak Moment TV, it would be capitulation to the wrong forces…

GnarlyOak_310Gnarly Ancestral Oak Going Strong after Three Centuries (Janaia’s art). Like a guardian spirit (do you see her watchful eye?), this Ancestral Black Oak welcomes us…We are grateful for her presence, and for her fallen and still standing Elder companions.


fuki_nctv_568Living with the Predicament – Ivey and Me. Here’s some of what we talked about in the video conversation Living with the Predicament. Reverberating in our thoughts was this essay by David Drumright about a possible near-term outcome. I closed by reading heartful reminders from Anne Herbert, including her famous Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”


An Artist’s View from Coyote Overlook. Janaia takes artistic license from the other side of Round Mountain, looking west towards the Sacramento Valley.


Peak Moment Episodes

pm230_620An Eco-Sense House Natural Building, Natural LivingThe Eco-Sense House is alive! Its curving cob walls embrace Ann and Gord Baird’s three-generation family… Tour this small-footprint house, designed as part of the ecosystem surrounding it. Episode 230.


pm231_640Columbia Ecovillage From Apartments to Community (part 1)What if you could turn an apartment complex into a houseful of friends? Joe and Pam Leitch purchased the apartments adjoining their farmhouse in metropolitan Portland, with the vision of creating an intentional community…  Episode 231.

pm232_550Columbia Ecovillage Shaping a Life Together (part 2)What’s it like, living in an urban ecovillage? … Noting the contrast with so many breakdowns in our culture, Lisa Weasel values people coming together and working across differences, while downscaling and being sensitive to the environment. Episode 232.

pm233_580Seeking the Happy Story (part 1) – But What Do You Feel? We live in a culture that wants only the upbeat response, the happy ending. We marginalize people who express anger or grief about the impossible predicament we’re in — societal and ecological collapse. Clinical psychologist Kathy “Peak Shrink” McMahon responds to the myth that technology will save us… Episode 233.

Seeking the Happy Story (part 2) – Reality Ain’t What You Believe. “If you really grasp the idea that this is not suddenly going to turn around, in six months or a year, you begin to look at your life very differently,” says Dr. Kathy McMahon, clinical psychologist and self-named “Peak Shrink” … Episode 234.

A Viewer Says

 “Thank you for your supremely positive and inspiring videos.
You open eyes to the possible!

— YouTuber sacredheart787

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