Sooke Harbour House & Restaurant — Pioneers of Local (307)

Nestled beside Sooke Bay on Vancouver Island, Sooke Harbour House Hotel has gardens boasting hundreds of edible plants, including sea plants at ocean's edge. Innkeepers Frederique and Sinclair Phillip have pioneered locally-sourced cuisine, art, and decor for decades because … [Read more...]

How Shall I Walk With This Wounded Earth? (275)

Pauline Le Bel is bringing a lifetime of performance as a singer-songwriter, poet and actor to the telling of new stories. "The old stories aren't serving us anymore," she says. "They tell us we're separate from nature." She wrote Becoming Intimate with the Earth to heal the … [Read more...]

Rhythm and Song for Body, Mind and Spirit (264)

Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover facilitate Rhythm Circles — drum and song circles, and a unique form called TaKeTiNa (tah-kuh-teen-uh). Their circles aren't about performance, so people can enjoy without those pressures. Participants learn through call and response rather … [Read more...]

It Started with a Serendipitous Meeting

Robyn and I walked our bikes across the crosswalk of the busy Ballard Seattle intersection. Waiting for the signal at the opposite corner, I looked back to make sure I wasn't blocking a biker waiting there. "Are you Janaia Donaldson?" he asked. Startled, I replied … [Read more...]

Dancing with Nyamuziwa Marimbas at Ballard Farmers Market

Sunday mornings we bike to the colorful Ballard Farmers Market, our primary food supplier in Seattle. We fill our bike bag with local grass-fed raw dairy, eggs and meat plus colorful seasonal veggies. The last two Sundays I couldn't help but dance to the infectious rhythms … [Read more...]

Singing Minstrels – Teaching Kids about Climate Change

Enjoy toe-tapping tunes as environmental educators Sharon Abreu and Michael Hurwicz regale us with songs like "Penguins on Thin Ice." Their shared goal is for education to be fun and entertaining. Their catchy lyrics bid "Goodbye, Oil" and ask "How do we find the balance?" … [Read more...]