Sooke Harbour House & Restaurant — Pioneers of Local (307)

Nestled beside Sooke Bay on Vancouver Island, Sooke Harbour House Hotel has gardens boasting hundreds of edible plants, including sea plants at ocean’s edge. Innkeepers Frederique and Sinclair Phillip have pioneered locally-sourced cuisine, art, and decor for decades because “it’s the most natural way.” Head Chef Oliver Kienast discusses preparing seasonal meals with foraged foods, fresh-caught fish as well as locally farmed animals and plants, including parts not often used. Maintenance manager Francis Louvat shows how both kitchen scraps and waste graywater are processed and re-used on-site. Sinclair is co-founder of Slow Food Canada, which, like the Hotel, supports small scale food producers and heritage varieties. [] Watch more on Sooke Harbour House YouTube channel.

Watch video | Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Serving Local, Seasonal Food for Decades – Sooke Harbour House

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