Rhythm and Song for Body, Mind and Spirit (264)


Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover facilitate Rhythm Circles — drum and song circles, and a unique form called TaKeTiNa (tah-kuh-teen-uh). Their circles aren’t about performance, so people can enjoy without those pressures. Participants learn through call and response rather than sheet music.

Join a TaKeTiNa circle, where the facilitators create universal rhythms for simple dance movement, clapping and vocalizations. “TaKeTiNa is a way of connecting with the deepest part of ourselves … with each other … with rhythm … with archetypes that govern the nature of the universe,” says Shasta. Participants share that it’s not only fun, but it has a lasting harmonizing effect on the body. Episode 264. [rhythmkeepers.ca, taketina.com]

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