The Transition Bus — A North American Odyssey (299)

Camille Daum-Lobko and Charlotte Astier are in search of alternative ways to organize Western economies and society, particularly with post-growth, cooperative, worker-owned enterprises which incorporate social justice and environmental sensitivity. They converted a school … [Read more...]

Get on Board the Transition Bus

Camille and Charlotte are social activists interested in the juncture between the Transition Movement and social justice. In 2009 they set out with their two young children in The Transition Bus to travel North America. They were especially keen to visit and video projects … [Read more...]

Tool Sharing Library – with French Subtitles

Peak Moment TV in French! Thanks to Sylvie Robert, Portland's Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries has been produced with French subtitles. La bibliothèque d'outils de Portland is on Quebec Transition Network's YouTube channel.  La bibliothèque d'outils de … [Read more...]

Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to a Sharing Economy (210)

"Sharing really is going to save the world!" declares Janelle Orsi, author of The Sharing Solution, noting that it's fun, doesn't require special skills — and we can start now. She and Jennifer Kassan co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center to help people formalize … [Read more...]

Local Food — By and For the People (161)

What if the food system benefited local producers, nourished nearby people, and built a stronger community? Krishna Singh Khalsa of Eugene, Oregon wants to turn the food system on its head. He wants it to be run by, and for the benefit of, ordinary people — not corporate … [Read more...]

The Heart of Permaculture (157)

Former truck driver Bill Wilson tells an insightful story about the energy packed in a gallon of gas — which we won't always have in cheap abundance. Now a permaculture educator, he sees permaculture  as a viable, realistic way to use nature to provide the abundance we … [Read more...]

Energy Co-op Brings Power to the People (142)

What if a community owned its electric utility cooperatively, rather than paying a for-profit company? Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative could be a model. Energy Services manager Jessica Nelson describes how this locally owned, democratically governed non-profit … [Read more...]

A Community Car Share Hits the Road

Lorraine Wilde's non-profit Community Car Share organization in Bellingham, Washington received startup help from many quarters. Established car-sharing organizations mentored her, individuals offered low-interest private loans, a state grant enabled them to purchase a … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s Co-operative Auto Network

A superb urban transport solution whose time has come. Founder Tracey Axelsson recounts the ins-and-outs of North America's oldest and largest car-sharing cooperative--membership, online scheduling, vehicle types, usage costs, preferred parking. Episode 34. … [Read more...]

Community Energy Projects

What can communities do collectively? Martin Webb and Marston Schultz discuss local energy inventories, energy coops, opting out of PG&E service, influencing local government to set renewable energy policy goals, and vulnerability to shortages. Episode 4. Watch video … [Read more...]