Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to a Sharing Economy (210)

“Sharing really is going to save the world!” declares Janelle Orsi, author of The Sharing Solution, noting that it’s fun, doesn’t require special skills — and we can start now. She and Jennifer Kassan co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center to help people formalize collaborative structures like producer cooperatives, cohousing developments and tool lending libraries. They’re working to reduce the hurdles to investing in locally-owned and locally-controlled enterprises. No wonder law students are excited to intern with them! Episode 210. [ and]

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  1. Jennifiir-Lourre says:

    This conversation was uplifting in its positivity and potentiality from the first two minutes. In my opinion – as with so much in our already over-specialized society, regulation and policy – the legal (system) – is already far too weighty…pronouncedly unsustainable. As our economic resources continue to dwindle, I can imagine increasing numbers of people who are unable to afford auto insurance, for example. Thus, the privilege of driving one’s own vehicle may become one of the more economically elite? Or, perhaps some of us will begin to form cooperatives in this respect and bypass the existing insurance (system). Overall, I think that the regulatory/legal (system) will have to be dismantled – with society identifying/retaining that which seems most crucial/substantive. Regarding this, I think that each of us – as well as larger entities – will have to accept that we cannot be protected from/compensated for absolutely every aspect of life. But, this is already becoming increasingly so – as insurance companies seek ever-larger profits and endeavor to eliminate/decrease pay-outs. So why not be proactive regarding such change rather than allow ourselves to be dictated to? How heartening to see young energetic lawyers such as Janelle and Jennifer strive to change multiple layers of the legal system in order to benefit the populace/society as well as those who wish to do legal work with consciousness and conscientiousness.


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    Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to a Sharing Economy

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    Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to a Sharing Economy

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