Two Households, One Car (213)

At first Judy Alexander was reluctant to share a car with neighbors Richard and Sue Dandridge. But their invitation intrigued her, especially since her aging car felt unsafe for long trips. After a trial year, she found the arrangement freeing and sold her car. Judy and … [Read more...]

Vancouver’s Co-operative Auto Network

A superb urban transport solution whose time has come. Founder Tracey Axelsson recounts the ins-and-outs of North America's oldest and largest car-sharing cooperative--membership, online scheduling, vehicle types, usage costs, preferred parking. Episode 34. … [Read more...]

Cooperative Living, Cooperative Driving (30)

Long involved with intentional communities, Tree Bressen discusses a shared-ownership cooperative household with ten residents, as well as a small, one-car car sharing cooperative. Carshare info and scheduling software is at at Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]