The Transition Bus — A North American Odyssey (299)


Camille Daum-Lobko and Charlotte Astier are in search of alternative ways to organize Western economies and society, particularly with post-growth, cooperative, worker-owned enterprises which incorporate social justice and environmental sensitivity. They converted a school bus to an environmentally-friendly home, and with their two small children, and have embarked on two journeys in North America. They met community-builders and bio-fuels producers in the Florida keys, and visited a new Orleans urban farm and educational center. They were impressed by the thriving Twin Oaks intentional community in Virginia. They sought out worker-owned cooperatives in Austin, Texas and California. The search isn’t over. After a pause in Denman Island, B.C. (where we met them), they plan to visit more projects in northern California.

For links to some of the projects they visited, go to Janaia’s journal: Get on Board the Transition Bus.

To watch their videos of some of the projects, visit [ (English) and (French)].

Watch video | Audio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal: Get on Board the Transition Bus

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