Civilization and the Wild

After two months in "civilization", our return to Lone Bobcat Woods was welcomed by a delicious snowstorm and cold temperatures which kept the ground white for most of a week, here where snow usually melts off the following day. We gave thanks for fossil fuel as the portable … [Read more...]

At Home in Our Winter Encampment

It's been all quiet on the writing front while Robyn and I have set up our winter encampment site for our "Little House" (motorhome). Enormous ancestral black oaks ring Bearhaven meadow, whispering of the Maidu people whose acorn grinding rocks are not far from the … [Read more...]

How do I Define “Sustainability”?

"How do you define 'sustainability'?" was the opening question asked of me by co-host Peter Dawson Buckland on Pennsylvania State University's Sustainability Now Radio today (listen to archived interview). I quoted recent guest Derrick Jensen (How the West HAS Won, episode … [Read more...]

Books on Nature and Psyche – Books to Share

I want them to find new homes for these books on nature, consciousness, and spirit. Donate to Peak Moment TV, and email me which books you want. Suggested donation is $5-15 per book including shipping (but please factor in hardcover, large and unusual books.) If … [Read more...]

Books on Art and Creativity – Books to Share

As I wrote in Books for these times - Books to share, one of my "gazingus pins" is books. This set of art books reflect my fascination with Japanese, Celtic, Islamic, decorative and spiritual art, as well as the creative process and technique. Rather than store these books, … [Read more...]

Our Move-Out Marathon: A Story in Pictures

(Or, how we spent our summer vacation) Early in June 2011, a renter for our off-grid house appeared! This will free us to travel for extended periods. A major downsizing opportunity! We are retaining Robyn's room for long-term storage. The guest space adjoining our garage … [Read more...]

Books for these times – Books to share

Okay, I'll fess up that books are one of my "gazingus pins." Whazzat? Glad you asked. As I mentioned in my conversation with Vicki Robin, I valued this concept elaborated by her co-author Joe Dominguez in Your Money or Your Life. A gazingus pin is something that we have a … [Read more...]

Letter from Hokkaido, Japan: Yes to Resilience!

This letter is from an American living in Hokkaido, Japan. I asked this longtime Peak Moment viewer and supporter what it was like after the catastrophic March earthquake and tsunami. He replied: Dear Janaia, We are fine here in Hokkaido. The tsunami didn't do much harm … [Read more...]

Lone Bobcat Woods Calls Us to Return

It was the birds who called us back to Lone Bobcat Woods. Many of them are just returning themselves. They call in the spring! And they welcomed us in their own unique perfect ways. A raven couple who took up residence in the past year flew over to check out what we were … [Read more...]

March News from Peak Moment TV

 The news of Japan's earthquake and nuclear crisis shook me. I share my very personal inner and outer responses in "Shaken."Inner response? I keep "getting" that a no-growth economy and increasing chaos are the New Normal. Industrial civilization is collapsing under the … [Read more...]