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110713_pmbooks_350.jpg Okay, I’ll fess up that books are one of my “gazingus pins.”

Whazzat? Glad you asked. As I mentioned in my conversation with Vicki Robin, I valued this concept elaborated by her co-author Joe Dominguez in Your Money or Your Life. A gazingus pin is something that we have a weakness for, something that hooks us, to buy – and buy usually far more than we actually need. So we end up spending a lot of life energy (time, money) to collect a lot of gazingus pins…and what do you do with a big collection of gazingus pins?

Two of my gazingus pins have been ice cream and books. I’ve run through a lot of books in my life, and for sure learned a lot through them. But now’s time to lighten up. (Ice cream is also falling by the wayside now that we’re eating an ultra low-carb diet, but that’s another story).

To be fair to myself, most of the books I’ve read in the past twenty years have come through our the Interlibrary Loan program. The books pictured here came from authors and publishers of past and potential Peak Moment guests (a big bow of thanks to them). Rather than store these books, I want to share them.

Which is where you come in.

Donate to Peak Moment TV, and email me which books to mail. Suggested donation is $10-15 a book. Your donation includes shipping. If overseas or for big books, please add extra postage. If multiple books are ordered, reduce the per book donation. Check out  Art and Creativity books looking for new homes, too. (email janaia-at-peakmoment-dot-tv)

Read it, pass it around your transition group, donate it to your public library, all the while that you support Peak Moment TV. And help me reduce my gazingus pin collection. If eBay and Amazon can do it, why not Janaia’s Journal?

Updated Sept. 7, 2011: Books no longer available:

Fresh Food from Small Spaces
Food Not Lawns
Little House on a Small Planet
Navigating the Coming Chaos
Small-Scale Grain Raising
The Biochar Debate
The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook
The Ecotechnic Future
The Great Turning
The Human Powered Home
The Party’s Over
The Post Carbon Reader
The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide
Time’s Up!
Your Money or Your Life


  1. Jim,
    I think good reading isn’t embarrassing…but owning them all, well…hmmm there’s the gazingus pins (unless our calling is to be a library resource to share with others). But for sure we need to support the public libraries!

  2. Joshua Lichterman says:

    Hi Janaia,
    I would very much like to get “Slow Money” by Tasch!! I was about to order it from Amazon, but would love to donate to you instead!!

    It was great seeing you two the other day!! Glad you loved the duck eggs.

    Peace, Joy, & Love,


  3. Jim Barton says:

    It’s embarrassing how similar our gazingus pin collections are!

  4. Hi Janaia, I’m the American Karen is talking about above and sure could use your help by donating your collection/s (in any media platform). I apologize that I can’t even offer to pay for shipping but that’s exactly the predicament I’m in, tapped out and run dry.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I may be reached at the e-mail address I provided.


  5. The following is from a American working in Beijing to develop sustainable agricultural systems. His name is Corey Ma and this was originally posted in the forum. Perhaps your needs coincide.

    Hi guys,

    I know its a lot to ask but not being back to the States for five years has depleted all my original resources. I really hate to sound like a beggar but…the reason I haven’t been back is because I can’t afford to.

    Do you have any books, magazines or DVDs that you have finished with or just laying around? I can’t get U-tube so a working VPN or sending me video via e-mail may be another way you all could help me.

    Subjects I’m interested in are: Sustainability of any sort, popular mechanics/ science, ecology of any sort, any must read books, philosophy…anything meaningful to you, I’m sure I’d be interested too.

    Are there any tools; hole saws, screwdriver bits you name it, (esp metric) that you don’t use or have spares? I’d gladly take anything usable. Anything decent that is made in this country goes to export. Local tools are accidents waiting to happen.

    I thank you my friends for reading this and hope you can help.


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