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As I wrote in Books for these times – Books to share, one of my “gazingus pins” is books. This set of art books reflect my fascination with Japanese, Celtic, Islamic, decorative and spiritual art, as well as the creative process and technique.

Rather than store these books, I want them to find new homes. Which is where you come in.

Donate to Peak Moment TV, and email me which books you want. Suggested donation is $10-15 per book including shipping (but please factor in hardcover, large and unusual books.) If overseas, add extra postage. I’d love it if you’d take a a whole topic section — and reduce the per book donation! I’ll update this blog as books are taken. My email is (replace -at- with @)

Thanks for helping me reduce my gazingus pin collection. Oh yes, you can include in your order any of the Books for These Times and Books on Nature and Psyche, too.

Books spoken for (in alphabetical order): Birds, Beasts, Blossoms and Bugs; Centering, Learning by Heart, The Courage to Create, The Spiritual in Modern Art, The Tao of Watercolor, The Yoga of Drawing, The Zen of Creative Painting.



  1. Dear Janai

    Thank you for the opportunity…I am building a library for the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness….

    Definately the Spiritual in Modern Art ( I lost my copy)
    the Yoga of Drawing (and perhaps all three)
    Learning by Heart
    Centering (MC Richards rocks!)
    Rollo May The Courage to Create
    + any other one that you think is stupendous

  2. I’m sending this list to my Santa Rosa artistic daughter to see if she might want some of your “goodies”.

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