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 The news of Japan’s earthquake and nuclear crisis shook me. I share my very personal inner and outer responses in “Shaken.”Inner response? I keep “getting” that a no-growth economy and increasing chaos are the New Normal. Industrial civilization is collapsing under the weight of complexity, bigger populations and harder-to-get resources.

Outer response? Build resilience for this New Normal. Maybe use the Japan crisis to start the conversation with our neighbors. One preparedness model: a Japanese community who survived because they’d rehearsed for tsunamis for years. Another from Port Townsend: “Partners in Preparedness: Neighborhoods and Emergency Responders” (episode 181).

Wow! A firestorm of comments on Lierre Keith’s “The Vegetarian Myth” (episode 191), centering around vegetarian vs. omnivore diets. But commentors are bypassing her bigger issue: agriculture is destroying the planet. What do you think? Chime in on YouTube, or the Peak Moment TV website.

Chip in on a replacement laptop. We mourn the death of Robyn’s macbook “Titania”. This sweetheart has dedicatedly produced Peak Moment and other videos for nine years. (Fortunately Robyn has a temporary backup).

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