Chris Hedges: The Destroyers

And I add: Big Ag destroys food, and Monsanto destroys life … [Read more...]

We are Empowered by Self-Defense Training

I am posting this on V-day, in solidarity with the global movement One Billion Rising, demanding an end to violence against women and girls—with events all over the globe including our community. Robyn and I just completed a 12-hour self defense course for women. We're … [Read more...]

The Firewood Angel

This is a true story.  It was two weeks before Christmas. As the young wife brought in firewood to light the fire, she thought, "There isn't enough wood for the rest of the winter. How will I keep my four children warm?" The man they'd gotten wood from for many seasons … [Read more...]

Whaddya Mean, Eat Fat to Lose Fat?

The responses to my presentation on our very low carbohydrate diet and my blog Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia share one outstanding feature: many people don't seem to GET what our eating pattern is and isn't. This diet isn't about protein. (Yes, you need moderate … [Read more...]

Wood Wenches Help Fuel the Local Economy

We're contributing to the local economy by meeting an essential human need for warmth — selling firewood from deadfall at Lone Bobcat Woods. In the past month we've cut and split large and small dead down oak trees (yes, we're leaving plenty for habitat and food for the … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Lighter, Leaner Janaia

I lost forty pounds in five months. That weight has stayed off for over a year without struggle. I'm absolutely tickled. My tail is wagging. I have the body I longed for since I was a teenager. I feel lithe and young, I have lots of energy, I'm dancing inside and out. I … [Read more...]

Whatcha Gonna Believe – Opinion or Information?

Differences of opinion or belief should not be confused with differences in information.  Opinions and beliefs based on myth, lies, and propaganda may seem normal, correct, or even "common knowledge" and yet hold no validity. — Caren Black, guest on Titanic Lifeboat … [Read more...]

Guy Dauncey & Joanna Macy: the Great Transition

Things are heating up quite seriously. Smoke from enormous wildfires many miles north drifts into the river canyon beside us. The Midwest drought finds the land in far worse condition than the last massive droughts in the 1930s, and a world far more dependent on its food … [Read more...]

Practice Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush

 I piled the laundry basket into the wheelbarrow and headed towards the Lone Bobcat Woods house. We'd agreed with our renter to share the washing machine. As I pushed the 'barrow about a quarter mile to the house in the warm sun, I thought of John Michael Greer's recent … [Read more...]

The Great Oak: Sacrifice and Liberation

Very reluctantly, and with much deliberation, we had an ancestral black oak felled where we're living in the Little House (RV) at Bearhaven meadow. We considered where else we might move it to minimize the "human sacrifice zone," Robyn's term for wild land modified for human … [Read more...]