Peak Moment TV in a Doctoral Thesis

We feel very honored to be referenced with the following personages in Marie Little's doctoral thesis on Climate Change Adaptation through the School of Public Health, Curtin University, Western Australia. Her proposal includes radical mitigation and reduction in … [Read more...]

Celebrating My Art – Prints to Share

I've long wished to share my paintings more widely, and have just found a way to do it! You can order prints of these images in Janaia's Gallery at SeattleOnCanvas. You choose the size and medium (canvas or paper or notecards). We've found that "Burning Platform" (above) … [Read more...]

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

Today we signed a pledge against mass surveillance, as part of an international movement that asserts that surveillance is a violation of international human rights law. Join us at The Day We Fight Back. The freedom to publish Peak Moment TV is affected by mass surveillance … [Read more...]

Gardening in a Small Space? Go Vertical!

In the Pacific Northwest where the growing season is shorter, any extension can be a help. Stephen Hindrichs of Sooke on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is experimenting with using his home garden space as fully as possible — especially vertically. We videoed this … [Read more...]

“We LIVE Here?” – my painting in an international show

July 22, 2013. Carolyn Baker published my art in her Daily Digest along with the following poem by Don Hynes of Portland, Oregon. A rather beautiful and synchronistic matching:  little did she know that Don and I are acquainted through the internet, soon to meet in … [Read more...]

An Artist’s View from Coyote Overlook

This is where we live. What inspires us. Just a short walk around Round Mountain, Coyote Overlook boasts a vista extending across the Rock Creek watershed to the South Yuba River canyon. Beyond is the Sacramento Valley and on clear days, we can see the coastal range.  … [Read more...]

Gnarly Ancestral Oak Going Strong after Three Centuries

Like a guardian spirit (do you see her watchful eye?), this Ancestral Black Oak welcomes us as we enter Bearhaven Meadow at Lone Bobcat Woods near Round Mountain in the South Yuba River watershed. She is nearly hollow, perhaps from a long-ago wildfire. If you look up from … [Read more...]

Connect the Dots: Systems in Collapse (Video)

Our close friend Ivey Cone hosted and produced Connect the Dots: Systems in Collapse, a panel discussion with Nevada City, CA activists Terra Nyssa, Tom Grundy and myself in late March, 2013. It's a courageous discussion about some of the issues we face at this time of … [Read more...]

Enforced Advertising? Not for Peak Moment TV!

In an advertising-saturated culture, what's another ad? For us at Peak Moment TV, it would be capitulation to the wrong forces: It might imply that we choose to make—or not make—particular shows because of advertiser influence. It might imply that we support an … [Read more...]

Climate Change – The Big Picture, Illustrated

After you've viewed this infographic from, read Guy McPherson's frequently updated climate change timing projections. Okay, now read Guy McPherson's update of climate change timing projections as of January 2013. It brings us up-to-date on what the media … [Read more...]