Enforced Advertising? Not for Peak Moment TV!

In an advertising-saturated culture, what’s another ad?

For us at Peak Moment TV, it would be capitulation to the wrong forces:

  • It might imply that we choose to make—or not make—particular shows because of advertiser influence.
  • It might imply that we support an advertiser we haven’t chosen.
  • It would mean we contribute to corporate profits. Corporations are ruling the world, pushing massive consumption, and accelerating the destruction of the Earth.

This issue arises because blip.tv, the service we’ve used to archive and distribute Peak Moment TV shows for several years, has announced that they are enabling pre-roll advertising for shows like ours. They acknowledge it might be “unsettling” but “Rest assured that all of the available data in the market shows that audiences have become acclimated to pre-roll ads.  In many cases, a prominent brand in front of an episode actually increases the perceived value of the show.”


Peak Moment TV page on blip.tv

Sorry, if a prominent brand makes people think a Peak Moment TV show is more valuable, then we need to fold and get out of Dodge.

Many younger people have been raised in an advertising-saturated medium. Maybe they tune ads out. We doubt it. They likely think this is normal, the way things are. No thanks.

Sorry to say good-bye to blip.tv, but we’re not accepting a totalitarian decree. We know they need dollars to survive, but not this Big Brotherish way. Not for Peak Moment TV.

So . . .

We will continue to rely on individual contributors to support what we’re doing.

Take a moment to consider what Peak Moment TV is doing:

cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history—a transition away from resource depletion to sustainable living—starring grass roots people making thousands of efforts that may tip the balance.

Chip in if you can, to help tip that balance. Thanks.


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