“We LIVE Here?” – my painting in an international show

WeLiveHere_640July 22, 2013. Carolyn Baker published my art in her Daily Digest along with the following poem by Don Hynes of Portland, Oregon. A rather beautiful and synchronistic matching:  little did she know that Don and I are acquainted through the internet, soon to meet in person.


Where I Am Found

Where I am found
the earth seeks me,
no longer needing
to hold back the world
I respire like the tide,
in the depth of her heartbeat
I am rejoined
to the ancient umbilical,
not striving,
only breathing,
found again at last.

–Don Hynes

June 26, 2013. My painting was accepted in “Who is God?” showing at Museum Contempo in Shelton, Washington, and for the forthcoming publication Who is God, book V. I submitted the explanatory prose poem along with the painting (below).

Contact Janaia if you’d like some custom printed notecards with art and words. $6 each or 5 for $25 (plus reasonable postage).

Most of the exhibit runs through August 2013. The museum is at 68 S.E. Lynch Road, Shelton, Washington. Contact Andrea Mastrangelo at 360-870-6619 for hours (mostly weekends only).

We Live Here?

Crisp autumn morning
Thin high clouds feather
above the pine-ringed meadow
Slowly – or was it suddenly? –
A circle around the sun!
Bright with “sun dogs” guarding each side

Wait! They are not alone –
Beyond each dog, a horizontal ring of light
A celestial halo,
vertical ice crystals
reflect sunlight
like diamond dust
within hazy clouds

Science calls it a “parhelic circle.”

I call it a miracle.

Turn it inside out:
A circle of crystalline light
Lasting only a few seconds
Visible only from a small region
On one tiny living planet
Within the cosmic vastness

We LIVE here?

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