What About Veganism? (304)

pm304_640“The more we take back our ancestral roots and eat the diet our ancestors ate, we go back to what is the most natural for our physiological makeup.” The author of Primal Body, Primal Mind considers a short-term vegan diet excellent for detoxifying and anti-aging benefits. She notes, however, that human digestion isn’t designed to make optimal use of an all-plant diet for the long term. There can be “significant compromise” to neurological function, because we require high fat levels from animal sources for optimal brain function. She cites studies of brain shrinkage for vegans and vegetarians, and her experience working with them using neurofeedback. “Many people eating a paleo approach to diet, and a lot of raw food vegans, have more in common than they don’t have… We all want a sustainable, healthy, humanely-raised food supply.” [primalbody-primalmind.com]

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