Haultain Common: A Garden on Public Land Where All May Harvest

September 12, 2010. Beware the subversives on Haultain Boulevard in Victoria, B.C. The friendly women gardening in their edible front yard greet all passers-by with conversation and invitations to harvest food. Guerrilla gardeners Rainey Hopewell (photo top) and Margot … [Read more...]

Fences Down! Fostering Community in an Urban Neighborhood (179)

Gardens replace driveways, a chicken coop replaces a garage, and personal relationships are deepening. Meet the residents of three adjoining houses, who removed the fences and talk about shared projects (and their one auto!), meals together, ecological living, and treasured … [Read more...]

A Sharing Garden that Grows Community

We taped garden coordinators Llyn Peabody and Chris Burns in the middle of their Alpine Sharing Garden. The premise underlying their unique community garden is the notion of sharing "because it feels good to share," Chris notes. Rather than multiple small plots for the … [Read more...]

Finding Excitement Creating a Life-Sustaining Society (165)

Lavender farmer Dana Illo and her partner Catherine Johnson will infect you with enthusiasm. They've turned their initial response to resource declines from "it's horrible and overwhelming" into "we can create new ways of doing." Dana is bringing Dragon Dreaming to her … [Read more...]

The World of Ecovillages (164)

The ecovillage movement is gaining a lot of traction and in some surprising forms, says Diana Leafe Christian, the author of Finding Community: How to join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community. Drawing from ecovillages worldwide, she describes many examples of these … [Read more...]

Local Food — By and For the People (161)

What if the food system benefited local producers, nourished nearby people, and built a stronger community? Krishna Singh Khalsa of Eugene, Oregon wants to turn the food system on its head. He wants it to be run by, and for the benefit of, ordinary people — not corporate … [Read more...]

Transit on Demand (Have Cell Will Travel) (140)

What if you could make a call at any time on your cell phone and have a vehicle come to you within minutes, take you to your local destination, and cost about as much as a bus ride? Allen Hancock's notion of demand-responsive transit fills the gap between the private … [Read more...]

The Transition Movement Comes to America (139)

One response to the global crisis that is gaining enthusiastic momentum is the Transition Towns movement. Jennifer Gray, a pioneer in the Transition Initiative in the UK and cofounder of Transition US, describes it as "a community-led response to the twin crises of peak oil … [Read more...]

Middle Class Lifeboat – Careers and Life Choices for Staying Afloat (127)

Paul and Sarah Edwards are authors of a timely book Middle-Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy. In a world of decreasing resources, they ask, how do we financially support ourselves while moving towards sustainable lives? Emphasizing … [Read more...]

Creating Our Own Neighborhood – Bellingham Cohousing (124)

Kathleen Nolan helped shape the beginnings of Bellingham Cohousing, based on a neighborhood design of private homes and shared buildings, managed by residents in participatory decision making. Their 5.74 acre plot originally had one farmhouse, which they modified to become … [Read more...]