The Open Source Seed Initiative — Protecting Our Food Commons (323)

Plant breeder Carol Deppe is passionate about making seeds available for all growers, rather than being in the control of a handful of corporations. “If we want to control the kind of food available and the kind of agricultural system that we want, we have to do our own … [Read more...]

Claiming the Commons — Food for All on Haultain Boulevard (185)

Rainey Hopewell's crazy idea has ended up feeding a neighborhood and creating community. She and Margot Johnston planted vegetables in the parking strip in front of their house. They offer them free for the taking — to anyone, anytime — with messages chalked on the sidewalk … [Read more...]

Haultain Common: A Garden on Public Land Where All May Harvest

September 12, 2010. Beware the subversives on Haultain Boulevard in Victoria, B.C. The friendly women gardening in their edible front yard greet all passers-by with conversation and invitations to harvest food. Guerrilla gardeners Rainey Hopewell (photo top) and Margot … [Read more...]