Claiming the Commons — Food for All on Haultain Boulevard (185)

pm185_550Rainey Hopewell’s crazy idea has ended up feeding a neighborhood and creating community. She and Margot Johnston planted vegetables in the parking strip in front of their house. They offer them free for the taking — to anyone, anytime — with messages chalked on the sidewalk noting when particular vegies are ready to pick. Neighboring children and adults are joining in to work on the garden, harvesting fun along with food, and even handing fresh-picked vegies to passers-by.

Watch videoAudio | iTunes | Janaia’s journal Haultain Common: a Garden on Public Land Where All May Harvest


  1. I love ! All these inspiring people and ideas – great. It’s important to know what ist going on with our food and the foodindustry – but it is often very depressing. So I am looking für good examples and for hope for the people and the future.
    Peakmoment had changed my ideas about american people an living! Thank you!
    Best wishes from Germany, Inifee

  2. I’ve been doing the edible yard thing for 30 years in Mt shasta, more before that. jania, give me a call thru the local MCTV 15 and you can come see how I make or save about $10-20 an hour or about $1-10$ per square foot in poor soil. I do free garden help for Mt shasta Area as your free master Gardener. Retired USDA scientist.

  3. What a wonderful story and example. We’ll be visiting Victoria in January and will look for you. Eileen and Mary K.

  4. myna lee johnstone says:

    This is soooo….FABULOUS!!!
    Now if we could get rid of that distracting toxic traffic.
    It would be PARADISE.
    These women are truly demonstrating spirituality in action.
    Enjoyed Carolyn Herriot’s comments as well.

  5. A great interview! Hats off to Victoria on Vancouver Island!


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