Columbia Ecovillage, part 2 — Shaping a Life Together (232)

What's it like, living in an urban ecovillage? Barbara Ford finds that this size community enables people to contribute while doing what they love. Dennis Karas and his wife had to adjust to noise levels with more children around, but enjoy having many friends with shared … [Read more...]

Columbia Ecovillage, part 1 – From Apartments to Community (231)

What if you could turn an apartment complex into a houseful of friends? Joe and Pam Leitch did. They purchased the apartments adjoining their farmhouse in metropolitan Portland, with the vision of creating an intentional community. While retrofitting the apartments to … [Read more...]

Finding Excitement Creating a Life-Sustaining Society (165)

Lavender farmer Dana Illo and her partner Catherine Johnson will infect you with enthusiasm. They've turned their initial response to resource declines from "it's horrible and overwhelming" into "we can create new ways of doing." Dana is bringing Dragon Dreaming to her … [Read more...]