Government and Citizens Partner for Emergency Preparedness

The county Office of Emergency Management room looked official and serious. It was packed with tables covered with laptop computers and communications equipment and a large county map on the wall. I visualized a busy urgent hubbub  in the event of an earthquake — every … [Read more...]

Taping authors Keith Farnish (Time’s Up) and Kathy Harrison (Just in Case)

Today we taped two lively long distance conversations. We retaped a conversation with Keith Farnish, since the earlier show we'd taped — our first using skype on a friend's DSL line — had technical difficulties that made it unusable. Computer-savvy Keith gave us the fix for … [Read more...]

Preparing for Disasters and Hard Times (170)

In this animated dialogue, natural resource analyst Sean Brodrick provides a sharp-eyed perspective on what may be coming in this precarious economy and how to prepare for it. The author of The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide, Sean is hip to peak oil and other resource … [Read more...]

Bag It! Packaging Bulk Foods with Nitrogen (177)

Nevada County locals Jim Wray and Loraine Webb demonstrate the how and why of packaging bulk foods with nitrogen. They're using equipment available for community members to use at minimal cost. Jim demonstrates packaging: make plastic bags using a heat sealer, fill with … [Read more...]

The Crash Course — Exponential Growth Meets Reality (166)

"The next twenty years will be totally unlike the last twenty... We’ll face the greatest economic and physical challenges ever seen by our country, if not humanity.” So opens Chris Martenson's much-viewed online Crash Course illuminating the relationship between economy, … [Read more...]

Peak Oil – Adapting for Big Changes Ahead (155)

With a long-time eye to declining energy resources, Bart Anderson envisions a very different society in five years. The former editor of Energy offers advice for post-oil living: Understand the problem. Prepare psychologically for big shifts and the unexpected. … [Read more...]

Advice to Parents and Teens – Preparing for Peak Oil

As a mom of two teenagers, Deborah Lindsay is deeply concerned about their future. As a peak oil educator, she paints a vivid picture of a post-petroleum world, with an emphasis on preparedness. With teens she talks about career choices and practical life skills. With … [Read more...]

Womens’ Response to Peak Oil

Loretta and Karen O'Brien explore women's emotional responses; concerns for children, family and health; nurturing activities like food-growing and building social networks in community. Episode 11. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]

Waking Up to Peak Oil

After sisters Loretta and Karen O'Brien learned of peak oil, their lives became transformed as they worked to gather their family, learn permaculture, move towards more self-sufficiency, and deal with emotional challenges. Episode 10. Watch video | iTunes | … [Read more...]