Preparing for Disasters and Hard Times (170)

pm170_580In this animated dialogue, natural resource analyst Sean Brodrick provides a sharp-eyed perspective on what may be coming in this precarious economy and how to prepare for it. The author of The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide, Sean is hip to peak oil and other resource declines as well as the Katrina hurricane lesson – don’t rely on government to save you during disasters. Urging us to prepare for hard times while we’re in good times, he covers smart money moves, food and water storage, basic preparations in case you have to evacuate, and creating bonds with your neighbors to increase home security. Episode 170. [ and].

Sean’s Financial Crisis Survival Kit (pdf) goes into far more detail than our conversation, and covers personal financial preparedness and investment advice.

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Laughter – “…watching Sports-Center??” Most amusing even as I am in blissful ignorance. Sobered about your early mention of the Empire. Indeed. Thank you for your humor as well as valuable information and advice Sean. You, Janaia, and Robyn are all doing a service to the public.

  2. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Hi Janaia,
    Another interview that tells it like it really is. What is really great about it is that Sean breaks the mold of the usual financial advisors that are blinded by the spin that the banksters and Greenspans of the financial world pervey. He has seen through their machinations and is doing the worthy thing by telling us what is likely to happen and has the appropriate advice on how to weather the coming storm.
    Great stuff. please keep it up.

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