The Crash Course — Exponential Growth Meets Reality (166)

pm166_550“The next twenty years will be totally unlike the last twenty… We’ll face the greatest economic and physical challenges ever seen by our country, if not humanity.”

So opens Chris Martenson’s much-viewed online Crash Course illuminating the relationship between economy, energy and the environment. Starting with the power of exponential growth, he tidily sums up our economic problems: Too Much Debt. Chris discusses the implications if we continue the status quo, and ways to prepare. He believes that “if we manage the transition elegantly we can actually improve things.” Episode 167. [].

Watch videoAudio Transcript | Janaia’s journal:  Chris Martenson, Creator of the “Crash Course,” on the 3 Big E’s


  1. Sounds Interesting, may be more truth to it than I would like to admit

  2. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Another great interview. It’s all so obvious once you become aware of how the economy is run. No one with any ethical awareness woud run their business or even their household on such a system. You’d have to be nuts to do so. It just shows how unethical the banksters that run the economy are.
    When ever the subject of how money is created comes up most people don’t believe it. I have to refer them to websites such as Chris Martenson’s, Wikipedia and others to verify what I have told them. When they get back to me they are gobsmacked and find it hard to believe that we use such an easily corruptable and unstustainable system.
    This is what eveyone should be aware of. If more people knew about it the banksters and blinkered overseers wouldn’t get away with their scams so easily and the pollies would have to be more responsive to their electorates.
    Chris is a great communicator, the pefect interviewee that needs little prompting. Janaia hardly has to do anything. He presents verifiable observations and adds a some simple maths to show what a dire situation the world is in.

  3. Gary G. Highberger says:

    If the growth in views of “The Most Important Video You’ll Ever See”, the one from Boulder about the practicalities of exponential growth, is any indicator, people are truly waking up.

    Caution: The ideas in this video are very scary.


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