Peak Oil – Adapting for Big Changes Ahead (155)

pm155_550With a long-time eye to declining energy resources, Bart Anderson envisions a very different society in five years. The former editor of Energy offers advice for post-oil living: Understand the problem. Prepare psychologically for big shifts and the unexpected. Find your niche and get good at it. See what your great grandparents did as a model for living well within limits. “Live poor and learn to do it well” as Bart did as a graduate student. Things will be very different, he said, but we’ll make it through.

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  1. Mike sosebee says:

    I really appreciated what Bart had to offer post peak. Gas prices have topped $4.10 a gallon here in CA and climbing. People are frightened.

  2. Iselin Celestine says:

    Oh good?! Wonderful to encourage another to disagree with oneself:) What an excellent point regarding more diverse viewpoints needed with respect to Peak Oil awareness. And speaking of perspective, I appreciate the balanced one presented by Bart as Janaia points out at the end of the show. Especially the recognition that we will adapt–to whatever. It is remarkable to note that we have become so attached to modern ways of living that we collectively think that anything other than this would be utter disaster. As a perpetually poor person in more recent years, I realize differently:)

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