The Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming (211)

Innovative farmer Joel Salatin says sustainable agriculture requires both perennials (like native grasses) and herbivores (like cattle) to build soil. Mimicking patterns from nature, this maverick Virginia farmer rotates cattle followed by chickens into short-term pasture enclosures, where their poop fertilizes the earth. His new book Folks, This Ain’t Normal is a critique of the industrial food system, and envisions a future where humans are participants in a regenerative, sustaining community of abundance. Episode 211. []

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  1. Ed Adamthwaite says:

    Joel puts it all into a nutshell. What has taken him years to develop appears to be so simple, belying the efforts he must have made in finding the best ways to go. He is inventive, informative, invigorating and fun to listen to.
    Another brilliant interview. Thanks Janaia.

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