Seeing the Forest Community Through the Trees (243)

Restoration forester Matthew Hall has a vision for the Aprovecho woods: a managed ancient forest. Weaker trees are made into products while the larger trees stay in the forest forever. He retains nature’s changes (like storm-dropped trees). He recruits snags. Tops snapped off of larger trees stay on the forest floor “to create a bank account of large woody debris.” He’s managing not just for the trees, but for the other communities who live here — soil, bugs, birds, and humans. Episode 243. []

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  1. Excellent, Janaia & Robyn! More like this please! I manage two forests on two different continents sustainably. Both very different forests and both managed very differently – but I am always interested to hear how others do it, to amalgamate the best practices and ideas.
    One of the things not mentioned is how critical teaching is, since no sustainable forest is managed for this generation.

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