RE Store – A Second Life for Building Materials

pm32_150.jpgTour a fascinating used building materials store with retail store manager Nate Moore and building deconstruction manager Erin Marden. It’s one of many projects discussed by Robyn duPre of RE Sources for Sustainable Communities. Episode 32. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Shaking my head…several times. Just a remarkable organization – project. What an inclusive approach to reclaiming, recycling, and recirculating used items. The thought (and experience over time) put into this “model” is apparent. From the Seattle Opera House?? A marvel! So glad that others value the character in older things, virtually any older thing, as well. Laughing about Robyn’s mention of not being ready to give up on the adults. Heartening! The commitment that all of you have to your work is awe-inspiring. So many years of endeavor. How I wish I had known of – and could have been a part of – work such as this. As Janaia suddenly pointed out: here are examples of meaningful work that arise out of our many environmental, economic, social, etc. dilemmas. Wow, now reaching the end of this show. I am virtually speechless as well. And “honoring” the wood…the trees? This elicits tears. Thank you, everyone.


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