Human-Scale Tools for a Sustainable World

PM67_627At Smith and Speed Mercantile on Orcas Island, hand tools line the walls and tables along with organic wool comforters and non-toxic paints. It’s an extension of Kathleen Smith and Errol Speed’s off-grid homestead where they work at “the speed of living,” using hand tools that reconnect them to the earth. Episode 67. []

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  1. Iselin Celestine says:

    Sometimes I wonder – where are the comments?? This is a superb conversation and small local business. Enjoyed this as much as I did during the first viewing. In my opinion, we all need to be introduced to the ideas that Kathleen and Errol have obviously given much thought to – and strive to share with others. Literally, it is a nurturing experience to listen to (and look at) this “story.”

  2. Iselin Celestine says:

    I LOVE old-fashioned mercantile stores! And this one, as Janaia described, is wondrous. We are fortunate to have 2 of the first in Eugene, OR. These are on a larger-city scale but still have that “Down-to-Earth” feel. I have been eying the tiniest of Japanese scythes recently with foraging in mind – perhaps 6-8 inches. It is evident simply by looking that such tools are quality-made and have “soul” that modern-day mass-produced tools do not. For years, I have reflected about doing tasks and building by hand in contrast to machine – for the reasons you have all mentioned in addition to consideration for animal life and increased human safety. Delighted that Janaia asked about year-round gardening in this locale. What heavenly goods. And yet again – that which is ostensibly about the material…illuminates much about the human spirit. Thank you all for a most enjoyable tour and conversation.

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